Why do mage classes feel so gimped compared to close combat classes atm

Hello all,

So recently re-joined NW with the fresh servers and meanwhile a lot of nerving and tuning has been going on.

Mage classes really feel very very weak compared to close combat classes, that being said there is way more going on.

  • GRIT is just insane for close combat classes
  • casting makes them move slower, close combat classes can easily catch up
  • aiming with ranged classes in general is way harder than playing close combat classes
  • so many skills are out of tuned compared to close combat classes, try this out for yourself the reaction time of using skills are way faster with close combat classes than with mage classes, this is really huge cause on top of this we don’t move for a lot of skills and it takes time to active
  • DPS of mages classes compared to close combat feels very insignificant, most close combat do more dmg
  • another simple example; bleed dot’s do way more dmg then fire dot’s … why ?
  • light armor nerv is just to much … there is no way to escape anymore or get some distant due to GRIT for close combat classes

and I can keep on going for a few more points, does Amazon only wanne see close combat clasess in this game ?
Why are mage classes so undertuned atm ? Please don’t give the bull*** that it’s not it really is.
Compare a full glass canon build from a close combat class compared to mage classes, mages benefit way less from this then the close combat classes.

Love NW but this mage gimping is hard to swallow, at the launch it was fun and great to play it, yes ofcourse some fine tuning is necessary here and there but atm it’s so undertuned …

Sad to see this happen, I’m really hoping mage classes will see the light again


Thank you for your comments. There are A LOT of people that feel this way.

We are begging on our hands and knees for the Devs to acknowledge how awful it currently is with little to no luck. They even recently admitted that they haven’t played the magical weapons. Sorry for you terrible experience as a caster. We hope they head our pleas before another big chunk of the community jumps ship, again.

  1. Sorry but what advantage GRIT gives against mages ? I dont get it.
  2. Light armor nerf was needed, really it’s not only about mages we can make changes in skills and FIRE STAFF will be saved here it was more about assasins, muskets, bows - they are mages killers, now it’s nerfed… but again GRIT has nothing to it.
  3. Yes walking animation after light attacks/Fireball is weird this cant be, leave after heavy.
  4. Burnout needs faster cast asap and grit in perk, random stagger and you are down with no skills.
  5. I understand that mages have shorter range, made for closer fights than bows and muskets in group fights maybe add small aoe to their HEAVY ATTACKS ?
  6. About bleeding dots it’s not about fire dots are low, bleeding dots from spear are just too high dots from bow for me are well balanced…

Biased melee will always say that “you just need to position better” because in his mind when he chases range he thinks moving around for mage is the ssme as for dex but it isn’t. Dex have it not only easier to get away and kite consistenly but can also do more from range that any mage can whilst kiting. Why? Well some of the reasons why are that most mage abilities are melee range and LMB is wet noodles because of low base damage that mage weapons have. So they cant do much from a far now, can they?

The design of mage weapons currently in rotation forces player (even the ones in light armor) to cqc against medium melees and all the tools at their disposal designed to fuck you up and if I see one more pepega complaining about ice shower or tomb I will lose my fucking mind. Seriously just stop

So to summarize the above mages have to stay closer to the fight because they have close range abilities and yet those weapons attacks are ranged, block is ass, its harder for them to kite than dex range builds who can remain 20 or more meters further away whilst wielding weapons with more base damage and kill pressure safe, far from bruisers :rofl::ok_hand::pinched_fingers:
Before anyone else comes up to me with a “git gud” advice please explain how is that ok?Anyone please provide me with an explanation in what realm of logic or game design does that make any sense what-so-ever. I will wait.

I mean keeping it the way it is would make sense if mages had viable builds to comfortably switch between a light dps mage and a close up battlemage or disruptor but they dont, mos def not after this patch.
IG/VG is mainly a melee enhancement tool.
So the closes thing to battlemage is BB but to me its kinda silly to see a guy using forces of nature… and a shotgun xD


Because mage abilities are easy to avoid. Especially the burst ones which rely on their targets to be cced or occupied.


Mage (fs) dont have any stagger,cc so grit on melee is not big problem for most mages. Stagger on every melee/archer/musket attack is bigger problem. Fs dont have any CC, no utility, have low dmg - this is the problem. Fs have no “personality” in this game ;p



I would be on board with a vision in New World that mages are melee and mid range only – but to play melee you either need tankiness or mobility, and the damage needs to be on par with other non-mage melee weapons.

Fire staff is low damage, zero utility and has one terrible reposition skill.


I think it’s more melee is overtuned than mages being weak. They probably need to revisit the recent changes to dodge. They don’t have to remove it, but tweak it some.

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because devs and the head is clueless and know nothing about mages.

they want the game to be melee centric.

and i promise i am not exaggerating. they legit confessed themselves.

the head was talking about playing as a mage user in fresh start server to see how it feels like. can you actually believe what this statement truely means?

in other video the director said he is ga/wh.

i wish it was a joke but it is true. so i’m not just ranting on devs due to my anger or anything, it is the pure truth lol. i wish it was just me being toxic.


My biggest issue right now is just with the empowered fire ball perk being way to powerful for the fire staff staff that’s kind of locking us into using then perk on a weapon or we lose out on way too much damage with fireball.

They need to buff the base damage and nerf the perk so it’s no longer mandatory to have on a weapon because currently it feels like a good fire staff only had two perks.

We also lack good items too, the last patch gave a huge batch of amazing dex and str rings.
We need a ring that’s like fire/ice/void damage with hearty and keen to balance out the playing field.

Also some of the talent points for fire staff are complete garbage.
The first strike damage on flame pillar is fun when fighting low hp mobs out in the world but is useless in dungeons and PvP.
I’d like to see flame pillar buffed by just a flat 20% and get that talent changed around.

PvE is a whole other issue and they need to delete all elemental resistance modifiers from the game ASAP to start then work out how wizards can do more damage in PvE


It’s not that it’s so powerful even with the perk it isn’t that strong it hits like 3k crits on non geared players lol. Some people you can fireball for even like 700 damage. It’s that without the perk fireball is bad, it has 140% weapon damage, the same exact as a Heavy attack. That’s why we are forced to use the perk, and beyond that forced to put it on the weapon for it to be even a decent damage skill.

I agree base needs buffed, I don’t think the perk even needs nerfed though. Even perked, it does close to half damage you see from a GS heavy attack(150% 150% 170% BASELINE btw).


Great points all round about how ridiculous the Fire Staff is compared to where it should sit damage wise and utility wise with melee and other ranged weapons…

The FS should never be on par damage and utility wise with melee weapons, thats a given, however, it should be at an acceptable level of damage/utility that it is absolutely acceptable in any level expedition from regular to m10, and currently it is not, whether it be for single target or AoE, all melee weapons do both forms better.
Even in places where the FS should be a bonus to the party people still take melee weapons over the FS because the FS just doesnt do enough acceptable damage compared to melee.

The FS can still be used to a certain level of expeditions, albeit, at a much slower rate compared to the other weapons, however, unless your in a lovely guild who will tolerate the slower runs in expeditions, the majority of times (pugs eg.) people will want to get the expedition done and onto the next, get their umbral shards or whatever it is they need and rinse and repeat, and dont want to do it if they can ignore the FS users and take melee users who get the job done way way faster, which is exactly what M’s are all about.

As for PvP I can not really elaborate but many of the posts around, including the ones in this thread, say it all…that the FS in PvE and PvP needs to be re-evaluated and the damage needs to be bumped up (PvE for sure) and some of its abilities reworked.

A good option mentioned by a few is to maybe reduce the elemental resistances of enemies in PvE to bring up damage that way, this ensures nothing is upset in PvP.

Anyways I hope you guys finally decide to at least comment on this:

@Chardis , @Kay , @Snaccident , @Aenwyn , @Shadow_Fox

Ah you are advocating on how to balance Firestaff now? You are one of the reasons it got into this crap state.

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amazon doesn’t care left or right whether the weapon is balanced. they yield to the most common consensus. the magic weapon players were just outnumbered. melee weapon players also happen to be the whiniest of the bunch. if you want to avoid that in the future. make sure to submit feedback in the ptr, the main game, the forums and the surveys. its a hassle and unfortunately a necessary one. be sure to mention that the new reflex potions will ruin AOE affects in the game.

Well you see range ataks not slowing enemys on hit, but every mele atack will slow you and yoir roling is shorter by 20%

Check this and bump -

Even if they buffed fire ball, then the perk would still be one of our best buttons to press even more and would pretty much have all the damage loaded into even more than we already do.

That would actually make the problem even worse, I’m actually okay with how fire ball performs, it’s a nice quick ability to cast and it’s damage is decent.

Don’t want to go to overboard

I’m fine with it too. I do get a lot of value out of it. I don’t want to see FS go overboard either. I hate playing flavor of the month weapons and don’t want FS to become that, like bow did.

I think mage just needs more utility and survivability options - which is why I made this topic:

Pillar could use more damage though. It’s a skillshot it should be rewarding, it’s currently not.

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Yeah that damn skill is like my favourite ability and it just noodles.

Needs to be worth casting, right now it just feels like it doesn’t actually warrant hitting the button because it hits slightly harder than a heavy attack that just happens to be AoE with less range