Why do you want addons?

Hey everyone,

This is a serious question, and I really want to try and understand the reasoning behind it all. Why are some within the forums wanting to have add-ons so badly?

Please refrain from any form of insulting or toxic behaviour.

(If you are not someone who wants add-ons, then just avoid commenting and give the space for those who want them, to speak. Hopefully we’ll get some insightful reasons.)

Addons are a double edged blade for sure. I’d say a good MMO doesn’t need addons and in the end it’s a better game and experience without addons.

The only add-on I want is the add-on that bans other add-ons, each add-on it bans it becomes stronger until it consumes all other add-ons.rucoy-highlander

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Modders will fix problems and add a lot of quality of life to a game they love–for free. It seems like mods would fix some of the glaring problems to this potentially incredible game.

It would also get it done a lot faster, as the devs potentially won’t have to redesign things like the extremely bad trading post search functions.



So you personally believe that the release of addons into New World will fix problems?

You only mentioned the Trading Post, which I understand many have issues with for various reasons. However, what other problems would you highlight, and you believe could be resolved with the introduction of addons?

I wouldn’t necessary need addons if there was settings for some things.

A) Customizing the nameplates in width and length, color, percentage, anchor points.

Reasoning: Percentage is necessary for some abilities. The nameplates are fixed not overlapped thats why we can’t see nameplates on bigger bosses for instance which is annoying for all roles if you really care about buffs/debuffs.
Size and color is a preference, nothing wrong with adding a personal option to this.

B) Party and Army frames settings.

Reasoning: Tanks and healers that care about the group, would love to see these frames whereever they want on the screen in different sizing.

Army frames for leaders, sorted and textured with group numbers.

Obviously, i dont want addons for this like WoW. I want AGS to realize the necessity of these QoLs for a long term healthy game. I’ve done my part with addons, i just want an evolving game, not lazy developers that leave their job and caretaking, for community members putting in AddOns that will make game performance power worse.



Because the UI is absolute ass, and I really do mean it.

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Needing addons and macros to get anywhere in Arena ruined PvP for me in WoW. Plz no.

I either need UI customization provided by AGS or addons to do so instead. Playing on 32:9 like the Odyssey G9 the UI is a mess. Everything is too far apart, too small or both, and then a few things still manage to stack on top of each other (corruption/blight and ability CDs).

Also some way to organize gathering gear sets would be very useful.

I prefer overlays rather than add-ons, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of extra information/calculators on screen when doing a long stint of a task.

Back in the days of RuneScape I’d always be looking into something whilst mining or whatever.

But, I don’t expect anything anytime soon due to the lack of information on the Wiki’s etc, that’ll take time.

You don’t need 32:9 for everything to be too far apart. Here’s a couple of problems I have from the top of my head in approximate order of severity:

  • Critical information like current weapon, skill cooldowns and consumable cooldowns should be centered within the field of view not in a corner somewhere.
  • The additional cooldown thing that you can enable is completely unreadable and overlaps certain other elements of the UI.
  • Internal cooldowns such as the fire staff rune uses the same buff icon as all other cooldowns. If you use any Empowerment perks you will be flooded with like 4 identical icons with different durations, making the entire buff bar pointless.
  • Some conditional passives do not have any indicator that they are active at all. Can’t remember what this was right now, but I do remember something annoying me.
  • Nameplates struggle to display more than 3 or 4 debuffs while showing a bunch of debuffs that nobody cares about. I don’t need to see 4 burn icons, but I need to see CC or Rend debuffs.
  • Aggro indicator on nameplates is barely readable.
  • If a mob is immune to certain damage types nothing is displayed. You just are left confused as to why you Ice Storm suddenly doesn’t do anything at all.
  • Compass cannot be filtered, meaning that it will sometimes be crowded with pointless indicators (when it works at all, that is).
  • The entire marketplace UI is a mess.
  • Skill tooltips are a complete joke even if you disregard that they seem to have been written by a 5th-grader from Bangladesh. Not only is the wording inconsistent and lacking in explanations, but some things that the skills do are completely missing.
  • “You are almost at your Azoth cap!” “You are almost at your Azoth cap!” “You are almost at your Azoth cap!” “You are almost at your Azoth cap!”

Edit: Oh, and, for God’s sake, why is there no indicator for whether a FRIENDLY player is flagged for PvP or not? It’s kind of a big deal to know if the dude next to you will help you out or not.


Because Add Ons make better everything Devs half ass. I would happily play without add-ons, but the reality is player made add-ons make improvements faster and usually better than a dev team does.
All the UI issues people gripe about would be fixed with add-ons already. Improved compass, functional Market Place, superior chat windows, movable group windows, more informative tooltips.

So the big plus is that Add-Ons improve everything that already exists in a game. Players tweaking the UI to their own version of perfection with no harm done to anyone.

The big downside however is that Add-Ons get out of control fast. While you have all the ones that help customise a players UI to their satisfaction, you also then get Damage Metres, Threat Metres and UI elements not intended to be in the game (such as the Minimap debate).


I would like a mioni map buit only because the compass is wonky and its easy to lose groupmates since they dont always show right on the compass and get lost in the vegetation.

Because the UI is total garbage and the idea of not having to waste my second monitor with the interactive map open is appealing to me.

Add-on’s that improve the player experience without interacting with the content of the game should be perfectly fine. Anything beyond cosmetic should not be allowed.

The same reason people want better gear, weapons, anything pertaining to an MMO in general. Most add-ons make a game more fluid. It parallels life to some degree, we want things to be simpler, so it makes our lives easier. Things shouldn’t always be a struggle, instead to be enjoyed.

Nothing to add.

Except… some ppl did not understand the easiest task. OP wrote:

But obviously it is to hard for some peeps in this forum

I’m on the side of no addons, but, if AGS is going to ignore solid feedback and requests for some quality of life improvements then let the modders show them how it’s done. Later they can take the most popular ones and make them part of the game.

The only thing I wouldn’t want to see is addons get to a point they become required like they became in WoW. So unfortunately that would mean no healer addons. I do think healing could use some help, just has got to be from AGS.

Player generated to meet player demand … DPS meter / Threat meter are basics we all use to analyze performance. The ability to pull combat data into logs to better improve game play!

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