Why does ags hate healers

So , I have been in many battles PVP and PVE . We always hear the same comments . Where are the heals !!!

Take a second to think about invasions on settlements , PVP wars , Dungeons . How many times has there been a wipe , defeat etc .?

Was it do to lack of heals ??

Heals already got nerfed before making some healers quit. The last thing we need is more healers to quit .

Everyone keeps saying healers are to hard to kill… um that is their specialty to HEAL , to stay ALIVE . So look at the notes . Most dps have had their abilities buffed. Which would make it easier to kill a healer .

So why nerf healing even more ??? I can see a smaller % But to cut it down 50 % or more LOLOL.

The excuse of oh wear light armor for more heals … what to get one shot by the buff dps lol.

The excuse that healers can use the Void Gauntlet? So now healers are forced to use a void Gauntlet to be like they are before the up coming nerf ?

There are enough people that do not stand in heals , use food or potions . Healers do not need to be nerfed after most classes are buffed… this is an extreme nerf and blow to all healers out there .

I know the haters are gonna hate on this , but how can you hate now when you got buffed .

Can’t wait to hear … where are the heals … answer. They are dead , respec to a different class or quit the game.

It’s simple there are many parts of the game that can’t be played with out healers .

This isnt WoW . We don’t have multiple classes of healers . Druids , shaman, priest, pally etc. So why kill what we have .

For the people that haven’t healed before . Switch over. Do the work to get to life staff 20 , get level 600 healing gear , spend all your points on focus , gem it out. . See how it is to heal and constantly have people complain about the lack of heals . See how it feels … it isn’t like being a dps where we can play many types of dps . Heals one a life staff with possible Void Gauntlet.

Can AGS comment here or will they ignore this post about healers like they always do ?


I don’t think they hate us. They are trying to fix the “Cleric” build where a single person is able to heal itself and do huge damage with (obviously) the GA. And in this game, where everyone can use any weapon, healers will never be able to have nice things, cause any “no healer” will be able to use them to support their other weapon.

I’m a healer and I’m going to keep using heavy armor.

I rather heal 50% less and heal twice, than heal once and get killed by a GA bust damage.

Do they want me to heal less? Ok. My guild members already know. If you die it’s because my heals are less effective now, so don’t complain to me xD

And I would LOVE to wear light armor , but it doesn’t work at the moment.

I keep thinking that the problem it’s the heavy armor, not the Life Staff. But hey, I’m just a healer, what do I know.


So what does this help ? I heal as well . I never change to a secondary because it is becoming to a point of stress healing. Even you said. Heal less don’t complain. These upcoming changes do not help. More people will die due to less healing regardless if we stay alive or not . Causing non healers , dps and tanks to get upset at us healers or AGS. I am not saying do not nerf them . Just do not do it at such drastic levels . Look at the changes for other roles. A couple % here and there as to where healing abilities get hit by half or more lol

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My stance is the same. My first weapon leveled was the life staff, and I’ll continue pkaying on life staff. However, I’ll only do it with a close group of friends. No randoms or whatever dungeon is coming.

And ofc I’ll continue using the heavy armor, even if I heal less. My teammates have already been warned.

But we’ll get those amber gems fixed on the next patch, or people will get reinbursement tokens for their heavy focus armour in order to be able to change if they want to mid or light armour? Or once again healers will be penalized because some people can’t stun them in a fight?

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Can’t stun them ? I am constantly stun locked in battles . Yes there is movement jewelry , dodge , roll etc … but that only last so long . With dps getting buffed it will be even easier to crowd control a healer .

Regardless on if you play in small group and run dungeons . Healers are needed in invasions to help reduce the settlement workstation downgrades and the pvp land wars.

People can keep saying just wear heavy armor but what happens when they keep nerfing healing ? I am not saying to not nerf it . Just not so drastic of a nerf all at once .

You will get one shot in pvp if you wear light armor. It doesn’t matter how much increase they give in light armor. You simple can not heal in light armor cuz you already dead.
There is no way to wear light in pvp.

“why does AGS hate healers”
They don’t hate healers, everyone else hates healers.

When one ability can negate half the damage anyone does, maybe a modification to be made.

I’m still on the cope that AGS will add some antiheal to Dex weps but I’m doubtful. That way pvpers are happy and pvers are.

Then lets take healers out of the game and see how far everyone gets

Heavy healers can tank/kite 10 people without dying. Which is absurd. And from what I’m getting from your post the problem is the random people complaining which will always be the case even if you are buffed with 500%.

What class are healers?

This game has the holy trinity?

I guess I just thought this game is a classless system so its strange that the game has a holy trinity going for it.

They hate dedicated tanks, certainly not healers. Healing is broken due to Heavy Armour right now.

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