Why does Charge get stopped by friendly players?


I don’t understand this logic

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@Baldmf We are sorry to hear about your experience with charge. Just so we clearly understand the issue you have been dealing with, do you mind elaborating more on this? Does this occur anywhere on the map (Which server) and all the time?

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.

This happens in Outpost Rush specifically, in the open world I don’t have this problem.

And yes this happens all the time in OPR matches. Server is Dry Tree.

If I use Charge and I hit a friendly player, the Charge will stop there

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It does happen in open world as well. Anytime a great axe charge collides with any player, friend or foe, the charge automatically ends and attempts to attack that player.

As for why it’s designed that way… no idea.

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You are right, it does.

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On the bright side, the end-of-March patch (currently on PTR) is already set to remove all allied player collision from the game, which I expect to indirectly resolve the issue with Charge. I haven’t tested it to see for sure, though.

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Barely grazing another friendly stops Charge dead in its tracks. With the constant lag/desync in OPR, you never really know where anyone actually is…making Charge nearly useless except in a completely open field.


yeah, let’s hope that fixes it… without adding 15 more bugs

i stopped using Charge due to this. happened anywhere there was pvp. going anywhere near a friendly player caused it to stop right there.

Assuming there’s no server desync/lagg, you can actually go around allies somewhat easly due to the good tracking nature of this skill. It forces you to think about your position, your allies positioning and the enemies positioning, i think it’s alright.

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