Why does this game punish unlucky players and not reward merit?

This mmorpg has mechanics that tend to reward lucky players in real life, punish the unfortunate and not value merit in the slightest.

I’ll explain:

Currently the unlucky player struggles a lot both to equip himself due to these factors:

  • Loots are subject to RNG and are often limited to pve only
  • Crafting has excessive RNG
  • OPR chest? Let’s not say nonsense. In the coffers of the opr only bad stuff comes out. Not even suitable for new players, as with the expertise they would have useless 500GS items. I, who have the expertise at 610+, always get very useless stuff, which I could not use even if I thought about changing class or meta.
  • War chest? Another heresy, not only do they not give any useful items, but wars are a content restricted to a small elite of players. Now only players who already have the GS 625 participate in it and don’t need any new items at all. Newbies don’t see a war even with binoculars.
  • If you don’t have luck in crafting you can’t even make enough money to buy items you need. Because the only way to make money is crafting, otherwise in this game you are always poor, because all the other contents (and they are very few) do not even give a penny.

The only remaining way to equip yourself if you’re unlucky is to wild farming and then sell the raw or processed materials, and buy the equipment with that money. But this involves playing for hours, days and weeks just by farming materials. And play for fun when it arrives?

We need to find a system that rewards merit and above all that does not force the unfortunate player, who cannot play hours and hours (because they works, has a life, a family, children and can only dedicate a few hours in the evening to play) to farm. and grind in order to be competitive, perhaps (perhaps, because while the new items-set is made, the whole meta changes again).

Crafting needs a new way, so an unlucky player can get items with the right perks, working hard and knowing exactly what he has to do to get them for sure.

This can be done, giving recipes in which the player chooses all the perks, but they need more resources and also a time gated system, to avoid that players who play 10/16 hours a day are always ahead of the time. casual player who plays 1 or 2 hours a day. In this way I know that to get a top tier items (3 perk out of 3), I need X weeks and Y resources.

A great example of such a system is the system adopted by guild wars 2 for legendary weapons and armor.

I have been playing since day one, I can only play a couple of hours in the evening, and a few more hours on the weekend, and up to now I have not yet managed to have decent equipment. I’m not progressing, because the time it takes to progress and make a single item that has 3 semi-decent perks, and the meta changes again and I’m forced to do it all over again. Up to now I have crafted hundreds and hundreds of items, very few have come out legendary and NO ONE has come out with 3 out of 3 good perks. NO ONE. in almost 6 months of play. This is terribly frustrating, as I feel that the game punishes my terrible misfortune and does not reward merit and commitment.


Well, just stop being unlucky?

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Being able to play only 2 hours a day, and 4/5 on the weekend, I spent 2 weeks ONLY farming materials for crafting.

This is what bad luck has given me:

And I even feel lucky, because today 2 legendaries came out, which is very rare. Plus all the other times, worse stuff came out.

I’ve been grinding for months and we’ll be doing just so I can get myself a good tank pvp set, and this is the best result to date.

Do you understand the frustration of a system that hates and punishes those who commit themselves, those who take credit, but are unlucky?

Having said that, I leave the game and come back when it will be enjoyable even for those who, like me, having work, family and other commitments, can play only 2 hours a day and want to play for fun, progressing slowly, but constantly.

This is the first mmorpg I have played since 2006 where I feel punished for my bad luck and where I have not progressed for months. Totally dissatisfied.


was your first MMO DAoC? or EQ? maybe UO?

Crafting in those games (minus EQ, cause I didn’t go balls deep into that game as much as I would have liked) but those games had amazing crafting. You want specifics? ez… just craft it to your liking. Full templates in DAoC were expensive, but it could totally be done through crafting and it’s how you min-maxed.


My first mmorpg was wow, then I played guild wars 1 and 2, everquest 2 (little), vanguard, age of conan and several others.

The crafting that I enjoyed the most was that of guild wars 2, where it took relatively little to reach the maximum skill in a profession, but it took a long time to create an end game item. Furthermore, the random component was zero.

You knew exactly what you were going to create, it only took you a long long time to do it, between materials and a lot of time gated.

The time gated in crafting as a system to lengthen the times and not get to the final tier is the system that I appreciate the most, because it allows those who play a few hours a day to keep up with the times.

NW’s crafting system is the worst I’ve ever seen. Total randomness punishes too much those who play little and especially those who are unlucky.

I have a guild friend, who plays a lot more than me, does 10 tries a day for axes, and in months, he hasn’t come up with a good ax yet.

I also know others, who have had so much luck, that in a few tries, they managed to have the whole set (3 perk out of 3), in fact now they don’t even play anymore, because they don’t have progress anymore.

So on NW either you’re lucky and get to the top tier in a couple of days (too short) or you’re out of luck and don’t make any progress for months.

This is why we need a revamp of the system, which allows everyone to have a constant progress, a certain direction. Know what you have to do and how hard you have to work to get what you need. We need meritocracy.

The difference between working and earning or continuing to play the lottery and gambling.

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awww you missed out on THE best of all MMOs by not playing DAoC (Dark age of Camelot) it was beyond it’s time. Crafting, housing, cosmetics, PvP content, PvE content, just content in general, the gear, the weapons, the min maxing, the builds. it was amazing.

it sucks though, people that started MMO games or the genre itself with WoW have been forever tarnished. :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah I hear you about NW’s crafting. it’s heavily reliant on RnG and less customization.

Then again, DAoC never had these “Bind on” items, that crap is so stupid and we have WoW to blame for that.

NW’s crafting system is balanced around land-owner companies that earn millions every week, buy the entire Trading Post worth of crafting materials, and constantly pump the RNG crafting slot machine until they get BiS loot for all their members.

Nope bro the best way to gear up ur self is go tempest heart, lazarus and drop eq xd You dont have to buy anything. You can now 590 upgrade purple NAMED items to 600 and it becomes legendary with 3 rd perk. This eq will be enough till u get any bis items u wanted.

Not for pvp. You can’t find 3 out of 3 perks that are optimal for pvp except through crafting.

For example, heavy, full const armor with resilient, freedom and invigorated won’t find it with loot.

I will have done dungeons who knows how many times and being unlucky (and let’s go back to the main topic, that the game punishes those who are unlucky) have NEVER been able to receive the good items for me, such as Fury (hammer) or the other of genesis that I do not remember the name in English.

not to mention how many times I’ve killed mobs that are supposed to give the best swords in game, and never seen. I’ve always been very unlucky in loot.

But in other MMOs, where you couldn’t loot the items, you got tokens, with which to buy the items that, unfortunately, you couldn’t get. Or there was crafting, which did not have this RNG, and with so much effort, work and perseverance, you could get a precise piece, without bad luck playing a role.

In reality this is not true either.

The guild that has dropped and bills over 1 million a week on my server, started doing it to equip their guilds, but went at a loss.

Precisely because bad luck is too decisive, and you, you can also find yourself doing 10, 100, 1000 crafting, but if you are unlucky, pieces that do not make sense come out, like those that came out to me with the rapier perks on armor heavy full constitution, or perk for the pve (corrupt, lost, angry earth etc) or worse the perks of the professions.

You don’t know how many times I’ve seen pieces with resilient and the perk for luck in haversting come out

In my opinion your issues is the “BiS” chase… you don’t need BIS yet you feel entirely incomplete with out it. It seems you think you have had a failed experience because you don’t have BIS gear.

let me tell you, you don’t need BIS gear.

BIS gear is a handicap for players afraid of a worthy challenge.

Having every competetive edge is lame and just makes me feel bad. I love rocking zero ability perks on my armor. I still throw people into the dirt like they are nothing but a used tissue.

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Yep like @2GramDabs wrote u dont need 3 BIS perks in every part tbh… for my mage and melee classes I dropped weapons, in gear parts I put 2 perks to my skills, 3 parts left purple with resilent + aversion and its gucci.

Agree that you don’t need to have BIS items to do both pve and pvp, but when you get 2of3 perk, if you want to progress, you have to get to BIS.

Each mmorpg tries to get to the BIS. The problem is that:

In NW if you are lucky you will arrive at the BIS in a few days, if you are unlucky NEVER.

In other mmorpg, whether you are unlucky or whether you are lucky, to get to the BIS it takes a long time, maybe months, and luck has little influence, so for example: if you are unlucky it takes 6 months, if you are lucky 4 .

Here the difference is too abysmal, and both the unfortunate who never get there, and the lucky ones, who get there immediately and unable to progress anymore, get tired of the game and leave.

They (AGS) just need to see how things work in mmorpgs that work, which have a lot of active people, happy with the content.

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There are other topics of people complaining about the current crafting system, which is subject to too much RNG and the player has very little control over it.:

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