Why doesn't AGS use some Runescape features

I’m going to be real honest I’ve done a lot in this game and I think the combat is just simply the best. The game however still lacks. I’m a PvX player so I’ll do just about anything in the game, whether it be dungeons or wars/OPR.I feel like if AGS looked at some of the other MMOs for ideas (that they could totally make fit in the game) they’d have a bunch more success.

Take the wilderness, this simple addition would add huge replability to the game. OPRs can start to get stale and it would be sweet if we had something we could do that was open world. The devs would also be able to create something like a black market system where BoP could be sold, which would also have the added affect of pve players wanting to farm those dungeons for that sweet sweet gold. Skilled pvpers would have not only a new area to farm and play in but means to make some decent gold. They’d even be able to play it off as a highly corrupted area so that it fits in the lore. “Once entered the corruption drives you mad! Was that a friend or foe?”.

Another useful feature would be world hopping. I know I know the devs want to use transfers as a way to make money. However on high pops resources are way to scarce and on low pops OPR ques are scarce. Why don’t they just make it so you can hop worlds. The clans that own territories will still keep them. They may have to add a way for those low pop controlled areas to make money but something like this would still be very valuable.

I’m sure there are a million other suggestions that could be added. Right now though looking at the road map it honestly looks pitiful now. At first glance I had recently thought it was great. Two new expeditions that get boring after a week or two and holiday events that may have really bad RNG just aren’t gonna cut it anymore. The only note worthy thing to keep my time that was in the roadmap was the 3v3s. Honestly if ques become low due to bad balancing then i imagine it won’t hold out either. This games combat is too good to just let die and I hope the devs are actually going to add content that will keep players wanting to play.

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