Why don’t the mobs fight each other?

Angry earth, corrupted, lost, ancient… why don’t they ever fight?

Why don’t the wolves hunt the rabbits?

I’ve been playing elden ring lately and I just ran up on a full on battle between two different enemy families. It was dope!


wolves and other predators did used to attack other wildlife i believe but it caused 2 problems.

  1. there was very rarely any herbivore beasts left alive because they were constantly being attacked
  2. there was a large burden on the server due to so many non player battles happening all the time.

elden ring is not mmorpg. so ofc 1000 ai fighting each other won’t be a problem

Because its the players in NW that are bad.

You just think those zombies are evil but in fact they are peaceful farmers living in harmony with nature…

Then comes the players slaughtering everything, including fluffy rabbits…


Add hunger meter to the carnivores ? let them hunt only when they are hungry.

I mean, they’re not really found in the same locations, and the idea there is they do in fact fight. If you’ve paid attention to the lore, there’s one point where you find out [spoiler] that the Blight is also the land’s way of fighting the Corrupted.

Bare-bones pathetic AI. It’s one thing they don’t fight one another, but they assist each other regardless if you hit a bison and a wolf/corrupted hatchetman aggros too. Their pathing is impressive though, I admit. If there’s a way to get to you, they’ll go for it.

I always harken back to ye olde days of EQ, where enchanters could cause massive faction battles between NPCs in some cities. Yup, even with that old spaghetti code, it works. Guards still stand outside entrances and beat up any wild animal that gets too close or chases a player.

This game? Pathetic.

I’m glad you learned the new word “pathetic”. Go little rockstar.

Yea thats one of the reasons I made this post but I didnt want to spoiler anything. :slight_smile:

They wouldnt have to do it all the time but like we have the corruption portals, it would be cool to sometimes have raids of angry earth or lost or w/e getting in on the fight. To fit the lore. :smiley:

I have a video of a corrupted breach tentacle and corrupted stag fighting. But neither were doing damage to each other. It was right by Pullus

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