Why dont we have this instead?

  • GS600 and expertise 600 cap
  • mutations no orbs required and each level will give the “new stone” with that stone ANY GS item can be bumped
  • outpost now has a chance to provide this “new stone” based on damage/points
  • faction pvp gear up to 590 and possibility of usage of the “new stone” to increase GS
  • all expeditions have mutation week
  • bugs get prioritization like
  • chat bugs after you get out of an expedition or after outpost
  • gems work has intended
  • perks work has intended
  • stuck on movement speed
  • portals stuck and cant be done because event doesnt start due to lack of npc
  • stop to the boting
  • stop to the exploits
  • fortress control and fortress kills now provide a reward to increase expertise
  • notification system fixed because everytime we get out of expedition or outpost rush 100 notification hapens
  • new paths to swap perks

i mean this is somethings that should be prio and not a new set of systems that noone really understands or sees the need of for the sake of player retention.
We get it , we already play the game, we are not going anywhere why push us AGAIN.

I dont know what to say anymore.

  1. GS cap at 600.
  2. Mutation dungeons drop materials according to mutation level, higher level=more materials for you to buy a legendary piece of your choosing at a vendor outside the dungeon.
  3. Small scale arenas with ranking system and rewards added.
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Raising the Expertise to 600 and being able to upgrade any Item up to 600GS with Umbral Shards would be an awesome system without any GS increase at all. Make it so you can upgrade purples below 600 to legendaries with an additional perk at 600 and it would be a good addition that nobody would have any issues with.

Like I could upgrade my firestaff that has Keen and Enchanted on it at 599 GS, use (f.e.) 10 Shards and make it a 600 GS firestaff with Keen, Enchanted and a random roll.

Sometimes it’s the simple things.

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They should give new stone after clearing the dungeon within the time limit. Taking too long or wipe should destroy the key. That would be great.

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Not the whole stone… but some mats to make one… the faster the party is, the more mats for the new stone they could get.

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Tbh nobody really knows what the reward is etc, it will be on PTS tomorrow so we can try (I will try for sure).


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