Why dupe? Just stop it

Hi guys and devs, I was wondering why do people keep trying to break the game and do things like duping?

I bet it is not that easy to do it yet there are people who still want to break the game. Just do not play the game if you do not want to play it honestly, right?

It is sad to know despite all the devs efforts, there are still bad people out there to ruin the game. Thank you AGS for still supporting the game and making great effort to make it work for legit players.


Mostly because people make a living out of it.
Dupe or anything which can make valuable profit for real cash.

There are some who do it for just ingame rewards… and do it casually.

But the tryhards… they study… they test… and they do it because they find it the only way they can do to earn money.

And believe me… the money they can make is quite huge… because there is always some whale around playing games.

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Why is the answer always money?

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So, you are new to MMO’s? lol.

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There is real world money involved is why.

There are bad people in every game, more so bad code too.

More like new to reality lol


Because money is the answer to everything.

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Some people are bug finders / exploit finders or users. This has always been nature in video games since the beginning. Some players enjoy exploring the unknown where a player should not be. Some use it for fun others use for gain.

No game will ever truly be perfect without any bugs or exploits.

Some people sell gold for real money so duping it increase their income.

Amazon did a big mistake at beginning for not going hard on exploiters and dupers.
But in past dupe waves they did very great ban hammering the big majority! I hope they keep doing it.
Yeah, we might drop in population in short terms, but having a fair community its more valuable than having extra 1k-10k players that are always looking for ways to break the game mechanics and abuse/exploit them.
I do believe that having a fair community in long term will attract much more new potential players than keeping those abusers/exploiters around.

BAN THEM ALL and all accounts logged on the same IP’s !!!

“Why? Because I can!” - Katarina du Couteau

because people only care about their own profit, no matter the cost. the same reason there is still no one really doing something against climate change, its the same reason countries start wars, its the same reason pokemon is going down the drain, its the same reason ags stopped caring about pvp/opr for this year - money/greed.

imagine if you could dupe your major loot luck trophy and sell the copies for 60k each, with unlimited access to more major loot luck trophies. you would also be able to undercut anyone, that would try to sell it, because you have no cost to it. even if you would sell one for only 40k, you would still make money because u didnt have to actually invest in getting a new one, because you have an endless supply at your disposal.

some ppl always want the easy way, even if its against the rules

AGS job is not to educate people, so how you change that?

BAN HAMMER. Delete the account, ban the Steam Account and the IP. Check the logs of whom this mofo did strange business with and BAN as well.

I bet it will help. If people cant follow the rules by being educated, they should follow by fear of losing all they worked for

The next wave of fresher than the fresh start servers will fix this issue and we can all move forward and forget any of this ever happened.
The freshening will make it all right as rain

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If you had a way to dupe money in real life without facing legal consequences you can be sure that the vast majority of people would do it. That doesn’t mean people are “evil” it’s just human nature.

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It’s mostly third worlders, they’re actually hired to do this, they work in small offices, it’s kind of ridiculous really but you have plenty of videos on the internet, think of the Indian scam centers.

Then you have the old “don’t have time” players who purchase gold in a videogame for actual real life money, their mentality is the same as the people who purchase cocaine, they do not care about the impact of their decision.

Even with a system like ESO has (no centralized TP but merchant types owned by guilds) there are still gold farmers, there aren’t many and they aren’t as impactful but these “people” will always find a way to get money.

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Human nature is to exploit and take advantage of everything you can to increase your own chances of survival. Just because its pixels in a video game does not change human nature.

People want to have an advantage over you, be better than you. Even if it means cheating.

And some people want to sell the gold they generate for real life money too.

Because at this point its fair to say AGS are just plain incompentent, how so many dupes and gold exploits continue to occur in this game is beyond me.

And if people stopped spending money on this stuff, it would be a non issue, but here we are.

How do you afford your internet?
How do you afford the place you live at?
How do you afford a car?
How do you afford the gas to put into your car?
How do you afford food?
How do you afford your computer?
How do you afford to pay for this game?
The list goes on but the answer to all is money.