Why every game is getting supercomplicated and then broken?

GUYS, time and amazon executives pressing red buttons is not excuse.i know how how deadlines feels.

for example look at it from art team perspective. i mean this game is visualy astonishinig monsters etc. so well done. OK you can say not enough monsters variation. but whatever. I KNOW THIS is new game. so they will add more. BUT THEY are simple and beautifull. nothing super complicated. thats it. zombies with red clothes on it or. Badass pirates. AMAZING. i m loving to smashing it.

but the dark side. economy. game mechanics. scaling systems. gems. light heavy armor scalings. gears score doesnt matter at 60… const, intel, streght scalings. perks. so many systems. and here we are. game is broken beyond imagination after 30 days. its just sad. it had so much. but lost…

why they have to do it supercomplicated. if they know they have no time.

Keep it simple and learn from art team. dear game devs. they always carry u…

Yet NW is simple and broken.

The Dev team worked on a basis most likely of it will be done when it is done. Then at some point they received a deadline, at this point they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. So they do the best that they can. I can’t speak for others, but I do not want a basic simple game. If every game was basic and simple every game would be a Copy Paste of the other, nothing would change, and gaming would become horrendously boring.

I want Dev teams to go out on a limb, try to reach for more than may be attainable. Because sometimes they do reach that goal, other times they do not. But when we do that is progression. For a new game studio failure is good, this means they are learning their own limitations for the time being. With great passion, comes great goals, but also comes great failures. With great failures comes great lessons which feeds into maintaining great passion.

Did they screw up in areas, well yeah, but they will learn from this mistake. I can’t be too mad at a brand new developer that has no experience together as a team. I would be very pissed when a game comes out super broken from a company like EA, oh wait they do, which is why I don’t buy them anymore.

What about NW is simple in your opinion?

Combat in NW is simple, gathering is simple, crafting is simple…
Fixing the bugs is the only supercomplicated thing around here.

For us as gamers yes it is simple. As a program those are not simple.

I always wondered how such seemingly simple tasks end up going so wrong.

Ahh. Fully buffed with my famous herb and butter carrots. Mining pick nicely sharpened by Harold. (Blacksmith - does farrier work on the side).

Time to head out and mine.

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Just another day in the new world.

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im talking about combat, pvp, ecnomy systems, which are having the most problems. and ruinign the game for many. war lags, exploiting etc. bad core systems.

nobody is talking about boring game. its a new game. nobody expect to have everything from new thing. its just instead of building simple and working foundation they promoted so many things. and here were are almost none is working ok.

its like a school project you wanna make a spaceship at start of the semester. and you end up with not working plastic plane…

just start with something small simple, but workuing. and build it up over years…

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