Why family sharing is off?

Why family sharing is off ?

And when will it possibly get turned on? What’s the ETA?

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Family sharing is off because gold farmers making free accounts hope they keep it off

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So you cant get around bans anymore.

Yeah, ok i know that and that’s understandable, but not everyone who was playing using family share was a cheater:P There were usual players too. Still wondering about the ETA of solution to that.

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maybe buy the damn game?

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bans are on ip and steamid -if play by family sharing children use game owner steam id to connect.

you have -2 players my girlfriend and kid

Well clearly they didn’t make any money off your girlfriend and kid, so I wouldn’t assume they cared too much.

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and my game score for it be 2/10 on my YT channel too.

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Oh no. C7_4K will rate New World 2/10 on his 3 viewer youtube channel because his GF has to pay for the game now. This will be the reason why New World dies.

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The solution was to disable it, it’s not getting enabled again in any form

The heavens tremble from his review.


And that’s good. I don’t know who in their right mind would allow Family Sharing in an buy 2 play MMORPG. The thing is it can be exploited to no end. And to OP i bet the Game gets Discounted in December so maybe get it as a gift.

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