Why fortify cap if a single skill already surpasses it twice?

Currently the shield rush skill, with its perk already grants you a ~60% fortify when hitting 3 targets.

With the PTR changes, this shield perk will grant, when hitting 3 targets, a 99% fortify!

But for what? If the limit is 50%?

Wouldn’t it be time to increase the fortify cap?

There needs to be a cap for everything, especially in pvp. If anything I say they should lower the fortify pvp cap to 30 or 35%.

PvE is different and with the changes in mutation and the mobs are doing more damage now maybe they should increase the pvp fortify cap a little bit to 55 or 60%.

I agree that it has to have a cap, but why make a skill surpass it twice?

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With fortify, you can mitigate like >60% damage in light armor, >70% damage in medium, and >80% damage in heavy armor.

If they buffed fortify, you’d be able to mitigate >90% damage in certain situations, which I guess is fine in PvE, but would be super unbalanced in PvP.

Fortify in pvp is already too strong.

I agree that it has to have a cap, but why make a skill surpass it twice?
Wouldn’t some other change be better?

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Same reason why we can’t swim in this game. We’ll never know I guess.

It’s a good point kkkkk.

Going over the cap does protect you from rend, though, and rend is going to be stronger next patch.


So there’s this theory, but I haven’t seen it written down anywhere in an “official” way or a recorded test.

Do you have any video or something proving that this actually happens? Because I searched and didn’t find it.

This guy talked about it:
PvP Armor Guide: Updated Damage Formula, Perks Tested, Best Gear Explained [New World] - YouTube

Also, @MixedNuts has a damage calculator and I’m guessing he has tested it. Maybe he will talk about if excessive fortify protects against rend.

There’s a video about this somewhere. It’s been a while so you have to do some digging.

So say you have 60% fortify in actuality you’ll be capped at 50%. If someone put a 10% rend on you, you’ll be still at 50% fortify. If you get hit by a 15% rend then you’ll be at 45%. It is still useful to stack as much fortify as possible if you’re expecting a lot of incoming rend.


Nice! I will see the video.

I think he talks about it at the 2:30 timestamp under “absorption.”

He actually mentions this, but what left me in doubt is that he says that gems and consumables also are in this fortify calculation.

Which is strange, because we have specific protection gems (protection against slash, against ice, etc.) would each one of these do this calculation individually?

And as for the perk of that specific resistance (necklace and shield perk) I found it strange, maybe it’s not as simple as he mentions in the video.

Because you’re not always using it against 3 people.

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Exactly, which brings us to another point, with the current perk and hitting only one person, the tank already gets 50% fortify

20% shield rush on 1 target + 20% sturdy fortification + 10% shield passive.

Which makes me think that this change is only beneficial for PVE, as the “sturdy fortification” perk doesn’t work against mobs

It’s pretty simple.

The property is ABS aka absorption.

There is:
ABSStandard - (Bleeds)


When something gives you general fortify it just increases all of the ABS damagetypes. If a gem or ward gives you absorption against a specific type it just increases that one reflectively.

The clamp for ABS is [-0.3, 0.5]

So say you have 15% Fortify + 5% Fire Absorption you’d have

ABSFire = 0.2
And 0.15 for the rest.

Rend/Fortify subtracts from the uncapped amount. 90% fortify - 20% rend = 70% fortify that’s still being capped at 50%