Why GA needs to be nerfed to the ground

Show me any other weapon that has single skill with: medium range largest aoe, slow, root, one of the highest dmg in the game per skill and highest lifesteal, apply fortify, low casting time. Yes, thats single skill named gravity well, and you complain about ice shower which deal 0 dmg, its small aoe, you need to be 2m from enemy. Or maybe you complain about VG scream. All you see is GA/WH there should be DIVERSITY!


If you want to be fair about it, that’s grav well + insatiable grav well, the cast time isn’t low, and it does like less than half the damage without the relevant perk

Also, ice shower + deadly frost(?) Does do damage and applies frostbite, which is actually the most broken debuff in the game. It can’t even be transfered with contagious reverse stab.

I agree that G well does a ridiculous amount of things, but also the debuff applied by ice shower(frostbite) is ridiculous.

It really should be reworked. You cannot have an AoE weapon with huge burst damage, good CC, and decent mobility. All AoE damage should be low to medium at best. The GA should get destroyed by the spear, rapier and hatchet in a 1v1 if they are spec’ed for AoE damage.


It does, by spear at least.

Totally agree though.

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Thats because they boosted Grav well way too much and made GA completely reliant on it. Hammer is super easy to avoid so I dont think its that great. Most GA users in war are going GA/IG cuz ice shower is so OP.

ga is carried by grav well, the best skill in the entire game. Without it, it’s kind of awful, since it cant catch on anyone but once with reap, maybe twice if u waste charge. The problem is the well, not the ga itself

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