Why give strength another godroll and shaft dex again?

Raider’s Hat was dex for the entire ptr and now its ninja patched to strength


:rofl: :rofl:

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They apparently changed the whole Raiders set to strength and the Tacitcian set to dex Tactician's Hat - Item - New World Database

They probably play medium ga/wh.

Can we just have a moment of silence for mages and healers


This is literally the first time I consider quitting the game after 2000 hours. Yes I play DEX, yes I am sad, yes I am disappointed in these biased devs who give all the love to STR players and ignore the needs of a DEX player. I was planning recrafting my whole pvp light weight set just to include the raider’s hat because this hat looked to me like a small gesture that the devs did for DEX players.
Now, if this change goes to live client I will choose not to play this anymore, since I only enjoy playing DEX builds and I would have completely lost all hope that the devs care about us.


And which dex user plays medium? I know nobody :slight_smile:

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medium hat, light chest, medium pants, and light gloves+boots is a viable minmax light set and worth rerolling for considering that perk combination is worth 500k+

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You can use medium head and legs and still be in light gear.

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This one is trash compared to the Raiders one.

Most of us Mages are on the sidelines for New World. Just monitoring the forums. While we are playing other MMOs that value our playstyle. Oh I hope the last of the Strength apes enjoy their dead servers. Now that AGS pushed us out of the game. RIP you get what you ask for.

Well at least dex bis items is cheaper on the market, so you can get them. Str bis is almost impossible to find and super expensive. I know it’s because more people play str but still go buy dex bis

STR is so expensive because everyone plays it because is the most OO attribute in the game.
AGS shouldn’t incentive this, they should incentive people to use different builds to have a balanced game. But all they do is care about STR players and fuck the rest of us

Str don’t need anymore bis items… having dooms chance and bone ring was already enough. Gona be even more god tier now.

too bad it’s medium.

no ones crafting dex bis cuz no one plays it

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Are you really surprised?

What do you expect? The devs that are still playing, is obviously GA players. The amount of nerfs everything gets while the GA dodging them and even receiving buffs makes it obvious.

You can get plenty og bis item for dex players with con

This is the way.