Why hades under maintenance?

hades is special

is there also a zeus server ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just survived the queue to get kicked :frowning:

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artxgamings - Twitch - This guy is making a community run every day and at the same time in reekwater, server crashes for last 4-5 days

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I am going to reply on this, because I feel somewhat guilty.

I am with several others leading the daily elite chest runs on hades. We always come to reekwater around 10-11pm (22-23 in UTC+1)
We do this for fast watermark farming.

However, the weekends are crazy, and it’s easily about 130+ people there if you add our group into the calculation.
I am sad that the server is crashing when it can’t handle 130+ in a 2000 player world.

If the devs really can’t fix this, and they want us to stop, we’ll stop.

hades getting on hellheim standards now.

#dev please answer!

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UNIX :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think its this causing it i honestly think the Devs are cleaning servers and restarting them. lets wait for a reply and see

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Nobody blaming you guys bud! Think there is a trouble with reekwater having more than x amount of users, i remember once crash during portals and constant crash ( for last 4-5 days in reekwater, exact same spot) and follows same pattern, login server down, then server restarting.

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They better answer to this, because its’s same spot, for the last 4 days. Last week was fine

are the chests in reekwater worth farming? what cap do they have

yess… It’s sad, but hopefully we help them to look at logs


oh rlly i need to do that then

Everyone should lol :smiley:

It only takes about 20 people to completely wall off the siren boss/mobs so those on the outside of the zerg cant do any damage if they are melee so 120 people farming watermark drops isn’t very smart.

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its about elite boxes

we farm the chests, not the bosses.
The bosses are never giving loot when we are that many, that is true indeed.
It has started to be a comunity thing as of now because they’re fun, (when they work)

But I get your point

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I am just doing forecastle drift atm with the zergs and there is only 3 t5 elite chests there with 24hr cooldowns and 3 farmable bosses.

Pointless with more than 20, if you don’t have a solid group to get the dps on the bosses for loot drops.

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