Why hades under maintenance?

oh rlly i need to do that then

Everyone should lol :smiley:

It only takes about 20 people to completely wall off the siren boss/mobs so those on the outside of the zerg cant do any damage if they are melee so 120 people farming watermark drops isn’t very smart.

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its about elite boxes

we farm the chests, not the bosses.
The bosses are never giving loot when we are that many, that is true indeed.
It has started to be a comunity thing as of now because they’re fun, (when they work)

But I get your point

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I am just doing forecastle drift atm with the zergs and there is only 3 t5 elite chests there with 24hr cooldowns and 3 farmable bosses.

Pointless with more than 20, if you don’t have a solid group to get the dps on the bosses for loot drops.

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There is 5 t5 elite chests actually, and the cooldown is 23 hours, just wanted to let you know that you’re missing out on some :smiley:

But again, get your point. This ain’t for bosses, but I am interested to see what the devs are going to say about this :slight_smile:

IMO, and mmo should handle 100+ player’s in an area when you have 2000 in the world. And today we were not even that many, we were half the size which is prob 40-60 people.
I am sure we helped to cause this, but didn’t fully cause it.

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Btw is hades a pvp server(unofficial, I know)

Also, balanced faction wise?

Right now, it is Syndicate and Marauders that are in the “highlight” but it’s changing from time to time.

that’s a lie lol

we have occasional open pvp on chest runs (that only 2-3 guilds turn on) and that’s it

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Ah yes I see the others on the south section which the zerg never seems to touch lol they just flip between the top 3 for hours.

I need to get those other chests on my run :smiley:

I agree, it should handle more in an area. And more than 2k total on a server imo.

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Here we go again? De-Ja-Vu


Hades went down a second time, definetly not us.
probably a login bug???

we had in-game voice chat working after “lag detected” message appeared >_<

@Luxendra could you please reply

“I will tell our team about this so they can know about the issue”

There, I replied for him/her/them.


That is about 50% of the customer support answers when you go and read the forums


Probably something you did.

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