Why has AGS not removed this shitty reporting system? Another false ban

normally id agree with you, but unfortunately ive seen this happen so many times. lets try and think about this logically though. try and explain why someone would be TEMPORARILY banned for cheating. This is completely unrealistic and is getting out of hand

then explain why its a temporary ban

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I would like to know too.
They should stop with temp bans for cheating and make it perma.
Then it maybe would stop. No one is scared anymore.

He’s been unbanned both times for “cheating” and he has the vod of his entire gameplay before getting live banned. Fact of the matter is there’s clearly no manual review being done for someone to have been falsely banned THREE times. Imagine how this can be and is already being abused to flag a company’s best players right before an important war.


Yes, people cheat, and maybe I would side with you if I never had the experience of being banned in new world, I don’t know.

But imagine if some of these people are telling the truth? Imagine today you get banned and you don’t know why. It would suck, right? I can tell you with all sincerity that I had no idea why I have been banned, and it is not pleasant.

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Yes that would be terrible.
Indeed. I just hope they are not really doing that.
If you are really innocent then that truly is a very sad story.
But forgive me, I just have to trust them when they say they are not doing that.
Every cheater in every game ever has pleaded innocent. Cheaters are sadly also liars :confused:
Dont take this personal I do not know you.
Also I know that many of the muskets on my server who are often reported do actually not cheat. But they also were not banned…

WTB the copium this guy is huffing

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It might be server specific depending on the demographics of the player base, like some servers have people more likely to report other players. I know multiple muskets are getting banned on maramma and Valhalla.

It also could be musket player dependent, like are the musket players you are referring to getting +40 kills in OPR frequently?

It also could be completely unrelated to mass reporting and there is a something triggering a flag. I’m pretty sure everyone that’s been banned has been using the same set up, an attunememt musket with 15 stacks of mortal empowerment, which can do a lot of damage and lead to high kill OPR matches. Maybe the high damage/high kills is triggering something?

Question: How does one report someone for cheating while inside outpost rush? I can not seem to find any interface whatsoever that allows for reporting, much less “mass reporting”.

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Yes they do. Maybe not 40 but double than everyone else.
Most of our OPR end in under 10 minutes. There are less kills…

It most likely happened afterward if they couldnt do it in game, the auto ban procs whenever, there was a clip of someone getting banned mid gen run.

So, you guys are asserting that people are exiting their matches, and mass reporting people. Because from my experience its like moving mountains to get anyone to report anything, names, bots etc…much less MASS reporting.

Occams Razor suggests these folks are using aimbots/cheats and are rightfully getting banned.

That’s so easy. I’ll show you and teach you how to:

Step 1) Play OPR with your guild mates in a pre-made team
Step 2) Be bad at the game and have 0 game sense (99.9% of the player base)
Step 3) Get killed and rage for no reason at all
Step 4) Proceed to perform step 3 until the end of the game
Step 5) Proceed to lock at the top of the scoreboard. The highest the kill the more you will enjoy to call that person “Cheater”
Step 6) Falsively accuse people in general chat with the most classic “Name & Shame” mechanic
Step 7) Initiate the Mass Report

I guarantee you, if you perform perfectly Step 2 and 3 and you will get to Step 7 in a split second and enjoy every bit (while still being bad at the game though - sad part of the journey)


no we are suggesting its happening over a period, and this time it just happeened to proc during an OPR, whats the problem here? this has happened 2 times already since coming to this server and both times he was unbanned/appealed his ban and got unbanned. hes not cheating, we all know it. you act like reports will instantly result in a ban. people can report after an OPR or even during if I remember correctly. why does him getting banned during an OPR mean anything

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No, I bet he is cheating. Even Stodah admitted to cheating when he got caught.

u are dense my dud, so the fact that he not only streamed 5 hours prior to his ban, as well as gotten unbanned 2 times prior for cheating doesnt count as enough proof? kk.

You DM someone and get them to respond, then you click report, which someone did to me at 33 mins in the clip below.

Alternatively, you search for their name and report.

Also, it might have had nothing to do with that particular OPR. He might have gotten reported previously. The last time I got banned I was sitting at a rock for 7 minutes.

You resorting to personal attacks now, or do you prefer to keep this on topic?

You do realize that streaming is not PROOF AT ALL, because most of the cheats ensure the cheat software does not show on captures. The only way to prove someone is not cheating is to put a camera over their shoulder pointed at the monitor…oddly, all the “innocent” people who get banned for cheating, refuse to do this one simple thing.


They will never fix this issue…