Why has AGS not removed this shitty reporting system? Another false ban

From another thread created a few minutes ago…

So, this is basically the problem. AGS, please do something about this:


Getting banned would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

lmao openly admitting to mass reporting, not a good look

here to make it 500 pages.

boomer mass reporters begone


Agree… stay here every day until they fix this system.


I’m surprised they haven’t acknowledged the issue at all. A simple, “We hear you. We will look into it” would be enough for me at this point, but this is the only thing I’ve seen them write about the issue in recent days/weeks. If the moderators here do not advocate on our behalf nothing will change.


They have said many times in past that the the system is not automated and humans check the reports. After all these bans the last days, they are exposed that the system is automated and exploitable.

Personally, I am ok with this. They just need to tell us the truth and that the lie about human check was a mistake. It’s ok. We will not send them into the prison. We just need to fix this bad design system. So all the players can enjoy the game that we love.

You shouldn’t be okay with it.
I was okay with it too, until last night a company started mass reporting me and i got an abusive behavior warning. All for pvp’ing in open world and talking shit back at their shit talker.
No one is safe, and the day you cross some sort of line with a bunch of angry kids behind keyboard, your entire grind will go away in a heartbeat.

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I know. I said several times in past. I am scared that one day I will login to my account and it will be banned. So my 2000 in game hours will be wasted cuz the exploitable reporting system.

I stoped pvp, I don’t steal Veins. I don’t do a thing that will cause a report from a player against me. I stoped using the chat even with my friends.

It’s crazy I know. AGS must remove it immediately and rework it.

This reporting system is just useless. From the time 60 lvl bots still are in game after reports and legit players got bans. Remove it immediately.

I don’t think that will do it. They have low resources. They have a small dev team. That’s why all in this game are in bad state.

I will say it again. Ashes of Creation is 2 years away from release. It has already 183 developers working on it. It’s impressive. These guys doing amazing job . At the same time, we don’t know how many developers work on NW. 100% are not over 20.

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Another person banned yesterday

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and overwatch died in like, 2 years? maybe less? it had like, current NW levels of popularity by the time moira or whatever her name came out. Ironically I liked overwatch, A LOT. A shame it just turned more and more dogshit the longer it went on. Overwatch was a better game, but still had its issues, it is not normal for mass reporting to be this much of a problem in any game, it happens SOMETIMES in other games, but not at this absurd rate. Theres literal steam reviews of false bans man.

Please show me the one person, the only one that admitted to cheating xD
Of course, you play innocent and sad cards as it is working in smaller games but using it as a proof is … how to put it nicely… illogical and childish.

I shouldve said alleged, but the fact that its even there is hilarious, as people I know have been hit with the false temp bans, so I know its a clear issue with AGS in particular. and im pretty sure lost ark has or at least had a pretty sizeable playerbase? 177k today I believe

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People are getting erroneously banned and, if they are lucky, unbanned. It is a problem. People are going to get permanently banned over this and lose thousands of hours of game time. It needs to be addressed.

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Oh yeah when the game is free and promoted by known streamers, it will have player base.

C’mon mate, it happened once to a streamer as he was sniped while having 3rd party programs running so yes he was unbanned but we all know most of the cry babies were simply botting or using autoaim and now they are creating movement against the evil emperor.
Don’t get me wrong, this game has issues and needs to change a lot but childish rebellions like this are making me think maybe we should stop and just remove everyone and start fresh while adding some IQ tests and ID scans so we can contain muppet show on some kind of a decent level.

What? That is from my email. I’m not a streamer.

There is almost a post daily about someone or their friend getting erroneously banned. Since I’ve been erroneously banned, as showed by the above email, do you really think I’m the only one? What if everyone calming to be erroneously banned is telling the truth? It would make sense people who are erroneously banned would turn to the forums for help because there is nowhere else to go. Customer service will direct you to the moderation department and the moderation department will either unban you or give you auto-replies until they stop responding.

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NW was too at launch, then shit happened but regardless, lost ark isnt a small game

Has it ever occurred to you that Chongal might be getting banned because he can’t play the game without running his mouth to other players.

That being said, people cry the second they see a musket has killed them. One reason I rarely use it. Not worth the trouble or risk.

It says he got banned for “cheating” in the VODs posted. You can also get banned for “abusive language” and other things.

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