Why hasn't AGS addressed this major flaw even once?

The only PvP that people consistently play and enjoy in this game is OPR.

So, why the hell do you allow groups into the queue? Every time I play a few games back to back, I see that the side with the groups just destroys the map by going around as 5 people with a cohesive comp and win the game every time.

Whoever decided this made sense needs to be fired.

people like playing with thier friends mate. pvp games would be terrible if you couldn’t.

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Both of you are correct, and both of those issues are on AGS.

There should be two queues, one for individuals and one for groups. Individuals only play against individuals.

Of course to do this, OPR would have to be cross-server otherwise it would negatively affect queue times. But that is something they should have already done because single-server PVP is a bad idea with such a low server population.

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At least limit it to duo or trio. The problem is also that matchmaking is just crude. You cannot be moved from one team to another after you join. So there is no feature implemented to actually balance the teams based on groups (or literally anything). If there are two groups of 5 in the game, the system does not attempt to separate them. It’s just amateur.

Take LoL for example. There are limits and penalties for playing as a duo. There are separate queues for teams. Don’t take this as a suggestion for this game, I’m just pointing out how obvious a point of failure this is…but AGS lol.




yea i understand your frustration but you will likely see better match up of atleast even teams come ptr patch.

love your straight to the point attitude.


Introduce small scale PvP, everybody wins.

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