Why hatchet is not the problem

I have been playing with the hatchet since the beginning on this game. But the hatchet is not pvp friendly. You have to be upfront at all times to make any sort of relevance to helping your team. I’m actually kinda mad about all the hate I get when killing someone in outpost rush. I do not and have no done exploits as I also use my sword to lunge and finish with hatchet. My problem is the war hammers and great axe. Literally ever outpost rush I play I get destroyed by them. Whether it’s being stunned multiple multiple times within seconds or taking so much damage I have no chance to even defend. It saddens me that everyone complains about the hatchet when in reality, those people are mad that something else has finally defeated them. Outpost rush is not fun when playing up close battles. You’ll either stand still for 15 seconds because of war hammer or get completely destroyed by great axe. The hatchet needs a buff, not a nerf. Especially since none of these war hammer great axe people die because of there heavy armor. Makes me sad that the hatchet in reality. The upclose supposed to be shredder is completely trash. It was probably balanced with these hatchet bugs considering people are crying about it(aka losing the fight, as some should be, that’s balance), what ever I’m done, I’m tired. Just want to play a balanced game.

So do I.

But there was definitely a bug in the hatchet damage. I saw hatchet users deleting full tanks in 4 shots. That’s insane, and is not balanced at all.

The CC of the hammer is hard to balance. In 1v1, or pve, the cc isn’t overwhelming. In pvp, and with multiple players, it can get ridiculous.

Balance is hard.


Half the population on every server was abusing 300% hatchet damage at all times and it’s fixed L


Doing 8k damage a hit is not balanced, your exploit was fixed, deal with it. Also with the resilient fix alot of heavy armor users will see a reduction in damage absorption. :joy::joy:


Lol did you not read post? I use my sword to lunge and finish with hatchet?? Don’t be brain dead and attack me like that.

You must be a great axe war hammer player… my point exactly to wait I said. You were butt hurt that people we’re actually killing you

Doesn’t matter what you were doing with it, the fact remains the hatchet was doing 8k damage and was fixed.

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I use neither actually.

Great! Now deal with the abuse of great axe and war hammer. Unplayable

I actually agree with this part. My issue with your statement was ignoring the bugged damage hatchet was doing. I do believe those 2 are a little bit op.

Don’t make a thread with ignorant views disregarding why it WAS a problem. Hatchet is no LONGER a problem.

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Considering you still do no damage compared to great axe and war hammer… yea it’s a problem

My view was not based on bugs, was based on “normal”game play

Hatchet is fine, berserk, cheat death, etc. If you want to play the most face roll pve weapon with cheesy mechanics in the game, play hatchet. If not why not just learn a better weapon?

The hatchet bug was ridiculous, I tested it to see what the big deal was and was 2 shotting monsters higher level than me.

I used hatchet but never put points in the exploit skill. I was still able to damage others and kill others. It’s about being aware of your surroundings and watching who is with you vs who is against you. Yes if you run out by yourself against a bunch of dps you will die. But generally I feel hatchet is a great utility and versatile survival weapon both pve and pvp. You can also use dodges to avoid dps and stuns.

Would love to see you and in outpost and play against heavy armor with great axe and war hammer, then let me know how you feel

I have… literally just said that I use it.

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True but I wonder why no one is complainig about the great axe oneshoots. I’m at 265 GS full heavy AR and eat oneshoots from the great axe on a daily basis.