Why have you only taken down the EU servers

This issue with the coin couldn’t have only affected the EU servers so why are they the only ones you have taken offline AGS? Are you saying the rest of the world can keep their coin but the EU cannot?

errors happen mistakes with decimal points occur but all players should be treated equal. I just want confirmation that what your doing with the EU servers regarding the coin will be done to all servers.

I think it’s a problem in decimal separators. Most of Europe uses it like 100.000,00 Euros while other do 100,000.00 Euros. It’s the same problem in various translations in the game. Gear with % values show 0% in other languages because of this i think.


You should think they had the decimal problem solved after 5 years of development though


Please no…

Please don’t tell me they don’t format the numbers POST calc…

There’s no way.

I think they started the cashback in EU. Didnt affect rest of world yet.

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I understand that, I’m just saying it’s pretty insane to do calculations after formatting.

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Formula code isnt working too bad i was like to explain why it cant be seperators :wink:


its a national holiday in the US tomorrow with thanks giving.
Can you imagine what it would do to business if they took out US servers during a national holiday?

I would be surprised if this gets fixed before Friday.

are we the lab rats?

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I guess, i wish they would have like a testserver where they can test stuff… oh wait…….

They are americans. They don’t know formatting. They also don’t know, the rest of the world is using metric system. The fishes are still measuring in inches and pounds. 80% of people don’t have any ide, how big fish they catch.

did u read the official news? the patch was applied to all worlds and that didnt cause the coins issue. they started the refunds in central EU and as it went wrong they didnt roll out coins refund anywhere else hence eu down the rest playing. but even the server rolback wouldnt take as long as it is now so i guess theres something else wrong


I noticed them talking in Olympos as well about receiving 300k… but maybe it’s a joke…?

IS it because the UK will not give fishing licences to every person who owns a boat in France?

Likely the current coin compensation was run on a more direct database level than the usual game code.

Nah you don’t do the maths on the db, the server does it.

Anyway the issue is like…

For example you have 10,00.1 or 10.00,1

At a db lvl it should show 1000.1 for both eu or na.

the client should display . or , depending on region, but that’s just formatting.

So if you put in 1000.1 it should be correct for both regions because both should have the same db timezone. There should never be the ,/. confusion when sending to the db because it’s just formatting… if you look at the source it should show the correct value on the object, not the formatted version… Just like if you use google sheets right? You can format a field to look like a percentage, but it’s still going to show the actual number if you copy the field.

IDK I don’t feel like I’m explaining well lol.

Like the , or . should just be an aesthetic change on our clients, not actually affect calcs.

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You can’t read and it shows. If you actually took the time to read something you would know that the compensation was provided to EU first and then that’s when all these issues started to occur. No US server has gotten a compensation yet and will not until the EU issues are fixed first.

Serverside they don’t have separators… its only for visual rendering…

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