Why I Am Mad About Being Able To Roll More Legos From Purples

Yup I remember we had to spend HOURS to gather ressource to craft keys to enter expeditions ( before mutation was a thing) and I’m GLAD they improved it :laughing:


Remember when people used to travel by horse or have to walk? What a waste of time!


This makes it slightly better in the sense that the odds of finding what you want increase overall. But it’s a fix in the same gambling logic that plagues the itemization system.

Time is he only thing you can’t get back, my friend. Use it well.


I played on release, which I now regret. I played Fresh Start, which I now regret.

The core systems of the game are still meandering, poorly developed, underdeveloped. I really thought that things would be fixed up faster after the game went live. I think their fight against bugs, including those that they keep reintroducing to the game, has slowed them down. Also the fact that they staffed down so much after release.

I also continue to question whether new world is anything other than a testing ground for Amazon’s ideas and marketing concepts.

While I agree with most of what you are saying, I’m still having fun while playing the game. Is it horribly flawed and frustrating at times? Absolutely. But the only purpose of a video game is entertainment and fun; if you are getting that then why regret it or feel like your time is wasted? If you aren’t getting that, then why even play?

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Your welcome to uninstall the game if your not happy with it , no1 forced you to roll on FSS or anything . You made Thoses decisions by yourself and shouldn’t blame AGS for YOUR decision.

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People seriously need to stop posting this for the 3rd perk from purples when that is not the current info anymore.

The most recent is below.

We are finally starting to get this game in the state it should have been in from the start. It’s unfortunate but that is the way it is. I always said this game needed 2 more years of development and I’m still right. But this is a good change. I’m with you all the hours of grinding town boards to level up when the game released infinite chest runs in shattered mountain to get my gear score up the horrible watermark system. Let’s just be happy they are making it easier so we can get more people to come back or try the game.


This is a good change!


Nothing new here, but thank you for stating it.

No, WoW is not in Early Access. New World, in some ways, still seems to be.

WoW has a vastly different development cycle than New World previously has had. If AGS continues the Seasonal development cycle, it will be STILL be different than WoW’s development cycle. :person_shrugging:

Worst reason ever to not make a change in a game. But at least he’s positive for the change.

you should be very happy for the change. You will get more stuff to do.

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The expectation that things change (adding gear, new classes, new areas, etc.) means a lot of people will certainly have “wasted time”, but that is the reality of MMO’s. Unless you play something like a private server that maintains one patch (example UOG Hybrid, Wurm, Ragnarok) then yea changes will mean time was spent that now no longer needs to be spent in the same manner.

I agree that this would have been a better QOL earlier on, but I’m not upset that I have trashed items. Oh well, new things are added, mechanics are changed. Heck when the GS or level cap is upped does that mean every player wasted their time?


I want a game with dozens of different PvP modes and more Expeditions as good as Tempest, Ennead, and Emperyean. I want those modes to be cross server in a Region with 100,000 active players. That simply won’t happen with the gearing system we had in the first year of the game. The Brimstone Sands expedition brought us a bit closer and this update is one more step in the right direction. Gear being more accessible to more players means more players will stick around.


I agree, they need to bring back expedition keys, remove the expeditions that were added since launch, make fast travelling cost way more azoth, remove arenas, all of the named items added since launch and while they are at it… get rid of the blunderbuss, void gauntlet and great sword. Oh, and brimstone! That’s not needed either!

I’m sure there are plenty of other things they can do, but this will be a good start.

I am in the same boat, but really want this change and have no regrets of playing the game from launch even though things will be easier. It’s what is best for the game.

I personally still would have played. I actually like the fact the game constantly changes and evolves.


Let me guess you walked to school everyday through combat zones and minefields as well? ;p

What mean legendary in New World ? Way too much Legendary Items when it s supposed to be Legendary ! Games are going toward stupidity as its core :frowning:

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