Why I don’t do 3v3’s

Many people complain about pre-made groups etc. This doesn’t really bother me that much (I typically solo queue). The reason I don’t like doing 3v3’s is because of the lack of food choices. I don’t want to use my 40 attribute food when there is free 40 attribute food (that I can’t use outside of arena because it’s too expensive) and I don’t want to respecc every time I do 3v3’s so I just don’t do 3v3’s. It’s a small barrier but it is a barrier.

TLDR; / solution: Let us bring in what food we normally use, let us use that food without it consuming.


You can use split food before you enter the arena, it’s not removed when you enter. Just remember to refresh it when it reaches 6 minutes otherwise it might expire before you finish the arena

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Hi there Alobar, thanks for taking the time to bring your opinion on food in arena to the forums. I will forward this up to the Dev team desk for you. Have a great weekend!


Thank you!

Ya but there is free food so I want to eat that instead of using my own food, I end up just eating the 40 con, int, dex or focus food and my attributes get jacked up because I feel the need to save money if I can. It’s really good food, don’t get me wrong but, I’m just not specced for it.

Did you guys take my advice lol? I noticed this is the exact change I suggested that is being implemented in next patch. Would be cool if true.

Yes please tell devs that a solo que option should exist so you don’t have to fight against the same premade group all day.

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I like to think this change was all you OP

Well done from all of us

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lol thanks bro, I hope so but in any case I really do think they listen, and we got a nice little quality of life change coming!