Why I think this patch failed

In my opinion this is why this patch was such a failure.

Firstly I think the biggest mistake was making to many wepon changes at one time.
This is the main reason why I believe a lot of people have taken a break.

Secondly I believe some of the changes have made pvp very unbalanced and in favour of people that play great axe and hammer.
Considering these two wepons are looked at as being the noob wepons it doesn’t feel good to get 3 hit by them.

On top of this there were changes or bugs to chest loot, this stopped alot of groups going and doing there daily chest runs and some of there groups were groups of 100+ people.
That’s a big loss of people because these people will probably just not log in after work now, as most of them just log in after work to do daily stuff.

Once you put all these things together you need to understand that the PvP just feels awful, if you played bow,ice gauntlet,firestaff, before the patch then you would understand what I am talking about.

People that have only played Meele wepons need to not troll and just avoid commenting.

I believe that pvp needs to feel better to make the game thrive, This will only be done if wepons feel good when you make dodges count wepon abilities that make a difference.
Removing/nerfing abilities to make other wepons better is a bad way to nerf something.
Maybe in the future make smaller changes and less of them at one time.

I haven’t logged into new world for several days until yesterday and tried PvP with my ice gauntlet for the first time since the patch. First encounter was surprise surprise a great axe/hammer. I couldn’t even hit him in time with the crappy animation change before he was already on top of me. I entombed and he broke my entomb in 1 hit. I didn’t even finish the fight just alt f4 out of the game. Let this trash rot.

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