Why I won't recommend the game

  1. no reverse direction key bind
  2. no lock/return to camera position behind
  3. no shaded background to quests and font sizing
  4. Quests that require chest rewards put the chests there!
  5. 1st Screen - AGS Games
    2nd Screen - The warnings. To this screen add a small button to bottom right.
    Event Content - Sends to New World web
    Play - Go to character selection if more than one character. Enter game if one. Get the point! Play the game!
  6. Selecting an option such as fast travel STOP asking again if I want to! I selected it and I can cancel before it completes by moving!
  7. Housing - Add auto pay to menu! Get the to point!
  8. Housing - Other than chests useless!
    Umbral shards - Used to add a bonus to trophies. Used to upgrade trophies for casual players. Remove the punishment for casual play!
  9. Umbral shards - 625 required - use less shards to change perks on epic items. Use more shards to change perks on legendary items. Build craft! Upgrade accessed!
  10. When I select a town board option it doesn’t add itself to the quest list. I have to manually do it. Fix this!
  11. Option - turn off warning messages such token and azoth caps. Inventory list azoth. The faction vendor and bio screen lists tokens. Play the game!
  12. Casts are time gated. There is no difference between using one cast per 5(?) items or using 5 casts for one item! Get to the point! Play the game!
  13. Fort defense! Add formation play to wars. Front line heavy armor with tower shields. Leather and light the 2nd and 3rd lines. Countdown to war. Auto formation! CHARGE!
  14. And finally level the character to the area!
    I like the game. I do! Currently 1685+ hours worth! But I will move on or back to GW2’s open world adventure unless the game simply GETS TO THE POINT!
  15. Dungeons are for the hardcore. An open world adventure model is the draw for a much larger casual player base. and the basically devoid of players Desert Sands is a great place to start!
    Take all this as you will for it IS my opinion! And that comes from a retired man with 32 years gaming experience!

Afterthought! Locked items in the inventory can be accidently deleted! Locking an item in the inventory should lock it to the inventory!


Oo~~ I’ll do mine, in no specific order:

  1. terrible character creation
  2. hideous, low detailed character models (again, I think they invested a little too much into the foliage. The grass looks smoother than our hair, like come on)
  3. ugly armors/skins for dayssss
  4. faction PvP needs a lot of work
  5. no mounts (I’m actually not too bothered by this, but I do think it’s kind of sad that such a new MMO doesn’t have them and that it holds the game back)
  6. only one character per server
  7. no appearance change after creating character
  8. low cap size servers
  9. the weird Discord bug(?) that causes some people to get extreme, unplayable lag
  10. no group finder
  11. minimum graphic requirements are too high (sorry, but I’ve been playing MMOs all my life… not everyone has super computers and AGS did not take that into consideration at all when creating this game)
  12. magic based weapons have terrible animations and VFX
  13. the gearing system is wack
  14. not enough openworld content (PvP AND PvE)
  15. a quest giver ONLY GIVES YOU ONE QUEST AT A TIME AND MAKES YOU WALK BACK AND FORTH SOOO MANY TIMES, WHY (only time I’m personally bothered by lack of mounts)

And I really agree with you on this one. I love when games have level scaling, keeps them so much more alive.


I agree with you on this one. I recently lost some 625GS pants I’ve had for 9+ months.

Mass Salvaging and the UI bugging causing an equipped/locked item to drop has been an issue since launch but seems to be worse lately due to desync

Dear AGS; Locked items should not be droppable

This game has bugs around salvaging which can cause equipped/locked gear to be discarded.

Click here for samples of reference

This has been a big issue since launch.


This is all so petty :joy: basically what you want is a brain dead game where you do everything from 1 screen

This is probably the dumbest thing you said honestly, the whole point of wars is that the players plan how they want to attack and go to their positions once the war begins, not automated positioning and holding W :joy::joy:

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So much doubt about this statement I won’t even bother engaging with the rest of your points. Half of them make no sense or are written terribly I don’t even get what you want. Get to the point -.- and make it clear.
Merry Christmas



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i thaught i am also leaving this game because they dont fix it and not supporting also i send email GD also but they not look on it i am indian player and i play literally like 140-170 ms ping EU CENTRAL ABATON server my friends also told me we request alot but they cant do that thats why they are leaving thats the thing i am also thinking if not get support from devs then why we playing this game

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, . ! ? Cheesus use some of those…

Three months ago I recommended that locked items not be able to be dropped. I see it’s not fixed. Huh june 6th, Ok so 6 almost 7 months, my bad.

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Using my reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, I could understand what they were trying to say just fine sooo :woozy_face: and I’m a firm believer that someone can enjoy something for what it is, but know that it’s actually not that great and maybe not even worth the time… and let’s be real, New World as it is now? It’s missing tons of things that even 10+ year old MMOs have. Like yeah, I play New World. Yeah, I have a good time for what it is when I’m on… but I know all my hardcore MMO friends would never touch this game, and I agree that they shouldn’t because I can admit it doesn’t have a lot of basic features that they (and honestly even myself) expect from MMOs; ESPECIALLY such a new one.
And whether or not someone can understand it, sometimes it’s the little QoL things and RPG fluff that can make or break a MMORPG.

For some examples (related to mcadnorm’s and my own list):
Albion Online updated all of their staff animations/VFX earlier this year and saw a player increase.
When WoW updated their character creation, they saw a player increase.
One of GW2’s best selling features is their mounts.
Many FFXIV players do hours upon hours of content (aka play the game) just for the sake of getting cool looking gear/cosmetics and once they get it, it just makes them want to play more.
One of Lost Ark’s most hyped features was their character creation.
Another big selling feature of GW2 is their world events and the fact that all zones remain relevant to you no matter your level (this also kind of applies to ESO).
When Albion Online revamped their faction war PvP, they saw a player increase.
WoW also recently updated their UI along with some other QoL updates and many players returned to the game for them alone.
One of ESO’s biggest selling features is their player housing.


Quality of Life

I would be ESTACTIC if AGS would pause future developement to clean up the UI and provide the QUALITY OF LIFE changes people have been asking for for months as witnessed in this folder!
All the things far off in development should be paused and show that you, AGS, are listening to your players!

Desert Sands and mounts! Mounts are a long way off so don’t hold your breath! But! There is an easy solution that can be easily extended to every area!

ONE high tower copied and pasted. Climb the tower and GLIDE between them.

One tower developed! One glider developed!

FLYING comes to New World!

They need to change how warding works, and then unlock mutations so every dungeon currently available can be played 1-10 difficulty, so people actually have something to do.

World tours are a stop gap to a lack of content.

Hmm. I do agree with most of what he said. Lot of transitioning and UI is quite terrible, and should have been cleaned up by now. It’s not urgent, but shows lazy development. What he/she said about war idk. My biggest gripe with the UI is the world map… Just let me click… Ffs… :slightly_smiling_face: (etc) Needs to be smoothed out.
(Ex: doing an ECR, and going to a wp where a party members is, its hard to click the wp if they are on it lol)

Also do get slightly tilted logging into the game with what feels like 40 menus. O.o

Don’t recommend it then. No one will lose sleep because of it.

Most of the stuff you posted is just personal opinion of what the game should be… “please, AGS, turn your unique game into a mix of my favorite games”. Several are even just about the cosmetic appearance of the game, and several others just tiny details that don’t really impact gameplay at all.

Some of the points are even plain lies, like 10. no group finder from the second poster or 15. Dungeons are for the hardcore from the first poster.

This comes from a veteran gamer who has been playing video games for over 40 years now (adding this because the first poster seems to think that it matters).

This also sounds VERY suspicious ?

Why ? Because if it’s a legendary, not only it would be protected by the lock, but the game would also warn you that you’re about to destroy a powerful item.

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@Korrigan you know what bud, happy holidays

Wtf, you really needed to copy-pasta all that into here?

Not bothering to wade through these multiple walls of text.

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Bah humbug ya grinch, I put it in a drop down for you.

Well you can throw a locked item, sure… by accident? sure…
But you can see your throwed item and… just get it back :joy:

You guys asking for things like having a baby and sometimes wanting it to come with a shutdown/sleep button lol.

But w/e i know new world is not in a good spot not even for the next upcoming roadmap. So lets just have fun until next mmo comes.

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10 is not a lie haha there’s no proper group finder for all sorts of content, just for expeditions. There’s legit been multiple forums about this just recently.
Also, cosmetic things matter to some people… again, which is why I won’t recommend the game to people who care about them.
And you say it’s just their opinion when they clearly stated it was just their opinion haha just because they wanted to put said opinion out there doesn’t mean it’s wrong or right. Read it, get whatever you get out of it, and move on… you can even disagree, but don’t try to discredit other peoples feedback just because you’re content with the bare minimum.

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