Why ignore constitution split stats?

Is there a good reason to exclude split stat con gear? seems very sloppy to me not have them upgraded with the other split stat gear, funny in a way to exclude con split stat while saying split stat is new BIS but not with Con just because feelsbadman? Especially for healers because we dont gain much at all from split stats and even more for crafters going for a weapon perk and random attributes, will be cringe trying to craft that way and having non buffed split stat Con gear show up quite often for what reason? not a fan of split stat gear in the first place until there is a few more weapons added into the game for more options, so why not buff con gear with the rest?


Because con split = mono stat build.

Why have split gear advantage at all?

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Its not an advantage it’s bringing dual stat builds up to the level of mono stat for build diversity’s sake.

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What dual stat builds are you referring to that are not upto scratch?

Dex/str, str/dex
Focus/anything if you aren’t using a lifestaff

You don’t see any of this in wars

I too am not on board with this arbitrary split stat armor attribute boost. Anyone who has been around since the release of timeless shards has either been crafting constitution main stat or their weapon’s primary stats. It is out of left field and promotes division cause “this armor gets more stats for… ummmm… reasons. :smiley:”

They are already doing a phenomenal job by buffing Dex 50 to be irresistible for any DPS build, making Int 50 a pretty good compromise for say the BB or Rapier, giving two pieces of Refreshing for getting 50 Focus, and making melee weapons stronger by consolidating the current 50 Str and 100 Str bonuses while boosting the heavy damage. I think AGS should scrap the split stat idea seeing as to how that is perhaps a bigger gripe than the ballooning damage values, debuff values, and likely reduction in TTK we will see in July. My thoughts.

The biggest differencial will be the 200 con threshold bonus. The lack of con affixed gear prevents a dual attribute build achieving a 200 con threshold bonus and a 300 primary attribute bonus. Thus ensuring a Solo attribute build can always have that option and not dual attribute builds. It forces builds to both focus in their respective scaled stats, offer alternative builds and multiple threshold bonus options and keep solo stat builds different by design.

This is the biggest fallacy players are promoting. Dual Attribute Gear is not inhetently BIS because of 50 extra points. The points are essentially a redundant by product of build versatility. Solo atrribute builds that are content and happy with 300 primary and 200 con shouldn’t be remotely concerned about what these changes offer.

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Same reason why newer will get wepon whu scale from con

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