Why I'm leaving a negative review on steam and so should you

I can forgive them lying once about the regional transfer. Hell I even waited 2 weeks for transfers that was promised and pushed back twice now. But since they say they don’t want to inconvenience some people now but will inconvenience people later on in the week when theres less people, I’ll just leave them a negative review on steam since I can’t play with my friends nor can I get a refund at this time. I suggest you guys do the same if you are disguntled, at least you can stop others from making the same mistake of trusting this company until they show some results.

Remember that it is within your rights to do so if you think the product you been sold is subpar in anyway and not just because of this transfer debacle.


Nope. I have been enjoying the game a lot (since Alpha). I’m not able to play with my friends either at the moment since we’re all on different servers, but it’s no big deal. It gives us time to decide which server we all want to join when the time comes.

There’s a lot of things in life to get angry about. This ain’t one of them imo.


I gave good reviews on steam and now I will go change it to negative cause they can’t make their promises.


I forgot to leave a review on steam, thanks for reminding me. I gotta make my positive review for sure, this game is awesome.


already quitted new world. This game will die in 2 months thats for sure.


I got my £40 worth of gameplay so anything after that is basically free. For what I paid, the game fulfilled that excellently


this is the second post on the forum that I have seen recently with you saying that you have quit and calling out the company, if you are not playing anymore, you no longer have anything worthwhile to contribute to the forums. Please take your negativity elsewhere.

For everyone else constructive criticism is helpful, whining and moaning is not.
If you actually want the game developers and such to listen. Try framing your feedback.


So you’re basically leaving a negative review because they didn’t finish server transfer in a time frame you wanted. This is a you issue not them. Your friends could have rolled on a lower pop server and you could have played together just fine. I didn’t go and jump on all the streamer servers when the game came out I barely ever had to wait in a Q and my server is packed. Make better choices and stop blaming the game for the choices you made. While they sit and work constantly trying to figure it out things take time. Your post is exactly about the server transfer because that is all you stated so it is just about that.


I will say this, here is how I decide if a game is worth my time.

If a game cost 40$, then I better get at least 40 hours of fun out of it. This game has surpassed that for me, and so I am pleased with that aspect of new world. Why I left a negative review on day 1. Simple, I couldn’t start on the same server I played on in beta.

When I can change to that server, I will change my review.

This game could be an excellent game, but is far from it and all these peeps on the forums are not here out of spite to spit on this game, well everyone except meowfart, but he has an awesome name, so I am going to look past his transgressions. Where was I, ahh yes. the peeps on the forums are not here to say things out of spite, but out of a place of love. They want a good game, everyone does.

So man, stop hating on the peeps complaining, some of the complaints are valid. Some are not, but that is for each person to decide. Sorry for the medium size wall of text here.


When they lock servers from char creation as fast as they did, it prevents you from even starting over with friends unless every friend you’re ever going to play with can be online at the same time and everyone decides to play on that server. Its beyond ridiculous. My group of 11 friends is spread across like 4 servers because of this, with 2 of us being alone on our servers with 120 hours of game time.

Rerolling is not an option, nor is it my responsibility when the decisions I made were based on promises that this dev. has broken over and over again. None of the servers any of my friends or I have played on are in other regions OR have any big streamers on them. The problem is completely caused by a lack of understanding by the dev team on what the implications of their actions were.

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So you all can move to the same server now for transfers when it’s open yes? That sucks all of your friends couldn’t be on at the same time but that isn’t the devs fault at all. They kept adding more servers in to accommodate the load and there were plenty of servers that would have fit all of them before they locked them. I don’t understand the mentality of giving the game a bad review over server loads. I rerolled 3 times when the game first came out due to playing with others it was easy and possible to find a server for everyone. Most players just wanted to be on the highest pop server and they didn’t have the room for that.


I would be agree that the game worth the $40 if it was about a co-op or a single player. But is a game that I’m w8ting from 2018 and is a MMO by Amazon… and I’ve faced a 9h maintenance for some small fixes that was reported from beta and some before beta… more then this they just copy valheim and added some kinda of a PVP fail.

Other then this the game was advertised as biggest MMO open world based on pvp and in reality is all opposite, smallest server capacity having a smaller player cap then most of the MMOs i have played even those from 2003, open world so much limited by walking fest and azoth cap, PVP missing totally, everyone with pvp off and the war 50 ppl only from a faction and one person to decide who will participate at wars…

Basicaly we paid for a bmw and we got a fiat, we enjoy also the fiat somehow but is still not the bmw that we paid for. This coming from amazon it make it even worst, if it was from some small company like tq digital or some other no name randoms we could expect at this.


Sure, some of the complaints are valid but leaving a negative review because you couldn’t be on a certain server due to it reaching player cap isn’t a valid reason. I don’t really care what anyone says it’s not their fault you didn’t choose a different server they had plenty to choose from. They could have left it the way it was and you could sit in a 50k player Q with everyone rolling on the same server guess what though you would have complaints about that. There is no winning on their side and upping the amount of people to play on a server when the map isn’t made for that is just going to make it a lot worse to play on and even more complaints.


I literally rerolled 3 different times because every day the server I had started on with another friend would get locked THE VERY NEXT DAY and thus had to switch to yet ANOTHER server just to make a character with that friend and repeat the process. Meanwhile, I had 50 hours of playtime on my main that I do not want to repeat. It is absolutely the devs fault because I shouldn’t have to coordinate with 12 people to create characters within a 24 hour period so we don’t get locked out of playing together. The problem was CREATED by the developer, not the players trying to play on high pop servers. There literally were 0 “low” pop servers in US week 1, they were all med-high.


So how would you want them to fix it then? Honestly just asking because they could up the cap but then you sit in a huge Q so then players will just be mad about that like they have been. They could add even more servers for people to transfer too but now there aren’t even Q’s anymore for a lot of servers. I know a lot of people are mad about the extra servers saying they will just die. I mean at the end of the day you have to look at it from their side too. No matter what people won’t be happy.

Hmmm, maybe. I would say it like this using your metaphor.

We paid for a mid ranged luxury car, and we got a low-mid grade luxury car with options to upgrade, but for some reason we got all leather and plush seats from the highest end models (Graphics looks great), but when I got my mid ranged luxury car, I couldn’t get into it, until 20000 other users had to use theirs first even though I paid for it and when the car was in beta, I used it whenever I wanted on ‘El Dorado’ street, but now I have to use it on ‘server x’ street…

Ok, well – I am confused what they hell i am trying to say now, but I think you get it.

Ok uhm, nothing to see here, move on to the next guys post

the issue is not increasing server caps, hardly any of US west even has queue times, they just lied about transfers for 3 weeks in a row and people are sick of it. I would rather have a 30 min Q to get in-game and actually be able to play with friends. They set expectations and didn’t deliver on them, thus they deserve negative feedback/reviews period.


It all takes time I guess is what I can say. Hey won’t stop people from being frustrated but you guys are able to access the game and play for the time being. We have no idea because they didn’t even have transfer setup yet how long it takes to put this stuff in and make sure you get all your stuff when you move over. I hope gets worked out for you guys and you can play together soon.


Well, if you don’t care about my valid reasons, then I don’t care about yours. Its that simple. Good Day Sir!

Yeah, that was my issue. I didn’t even play the first two days because I could not get into the server I played on in beta where I knew everyone and we all decided to play together on the same server on day 1.

Most if not all of the servers were full (at the time) for the west coast servers, so after hearing that we could transfer to any server. I decided to at least get some levels until they could resolve the promised server transfer issue. So I joined an east coast server so I could at least get some game time in. Then I got to level 30 and thought, why am I doing this, if they are not going to do a server transfer.

There my character has sat for more then a week, just starring @ the storage box where I left him. Well he probably went to sleep and disappeared, but you know what i mean.