Why I'm leaving a negative review on steam and so should you

Do you need us to acknowledge that or something? I dont think any of us care what you think

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Exactly, see how that works your point doesn’t have to be valid or right either. Mine doesn’t have to be to you. Just because someone thinks it’s a problem doesn’t mean it is oh the amazing part of having opinions. Have a good one :slight_smile:

Oh right you are. Thank you for reminding me to leave a detailed review about how positive my experience with the game has been

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Amazon will forever mourn the loss of…ahem


That never stops being humorous to me, sorry.


Lol, its great huh

that is TOTALLY the developers fault. this game is around social interactions, PvP and PvE with your friends, in the beta EVERYONE hated spawning in different camps as their friends it was all over the place. This isn’t a single player game and your first thought developing starting zones should be “how do we handle groups playing together with our current load cap?” people are allowed to be upset, this isnt an indie game or developer, this is a developer backed by the RICHEST MAN/COMPANY currently in the world and they promised transfers a week later, then 2 weeks. If your not sure how long it takes don’t give a date period. This game if it doesn’t do something at some point will go stale very fast. It has vast potential but im starting to think this is an amazon cash grab. Alexa will be a patch feature before transfers at this rate.

Like Metacritic fan reviews, a 4 of 10 is all this game could be rated. And that is giving the Devs some slack over broken promises and Hyped promises. Buy maybe next year.

Funny how you say not to give a date yet everyone would be on here complaining about that. God forbid they don’t want to release this when it is going to affect everyone on a weekend. Feel however you want but it doesn’t mean I have too nor will I agree. They made promises they thought they could deliver on! Seems like every dev has done that in their life imagine that. Trying your best just to have people sh!t on you no matter what you do. Everyone loves to say how easy it is to do all of this yet doesn’t know a thing about the work, thought towards everything including server faction balance, wars etc and the impact it will make on the player base. They will still come to the forums to complain about the down time even if it’s benefitting them.

such is life, strive to be better than the ones that came before you. We overlook and give a lot of free passes to companies for doing things others have done because “hey others have done worse” we have plenty of MMO history these days to support developers in their decisions.

Leave a negative review for a mistake they made trying to find a solution to a problem they didn’t think they will have. Sounds reasonable…

I’ll keep my positive review for now.

Positive review placed for a solid and enjoyable game.

did they say the word promise? show me

Oh and thanks for reminding me to leave a positive review

They never said promise. This is 100% accurate.

I think it’s important for everyone to remember when you see a post from AGS about something and they don’t say I promise, you can’t expect them to follow through on that post.

That is why I never trust patch notes unless they say I promise we made these changes.

No I’m not leaving a negative review because server transfers are going to be four days later than anticipated. And there’s a difference between failing to meet a deadline and lying.

Not super much against it. Would like the movement to be smoother though, seems very stuck/janky instead of fluid in fights. But I have to be completely honest, I read somewhere that they used an obscene amount of money and time in making this game, compared to other games that was made almost 10 years ago, still not sure how o.o

there using the game as a front for using alien tech to make a space ship

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I’ll have what he’s having.

They should never even have started working on the transfer system before the game was in a better state. These patch notes are a fucking joke and its because people like you hog development time when you should just delete your character and start a new one on your friends server.

Just put in a positive review. Thanks for reminding me.

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I didnt even read your post, just wanted to say “my opinion should be your opinion” about a game is extremely childish.