Why I'm Probably Not Logging In (Constructive Feedback)

I’ve found that I really haven’t logged in over the last few weeks. I logged in for the free armor skin and furniture, but I wasn’t encouraged to stick around.

I was thinking of why that was, and wanted to provide the feedback here. Please note I’m not advocating for any given change. This is just an explanation of why one single player (Me) isn’t energized to come into the game.

Outpost Rush

As the only PvP game mode this is just too long a time commitment for me. Games have a very long ramp up time to any excitement. I’m not entirely sure why teams wouldn’t just start with their home fort captured. And the excitement is usually short lived where the winning team is decided by the first salvo. The rest is just the slow descent to the end of the game.

The map feels way too big for the size of groups. This is made worse that I can only see my team on the map. If I do the PvE content I feel like I almost never see anyone else. For the PvP content it feels like I’m not really engaging. It’s just better composition of folks or team that got some brutes win.

Healing in any Army mode also feels really bad. I feel like Army healing options specifically have been the focus of a lot of nerfs. The light/heavy healing/cleanse effects feel extremely weak and finicky right now. Orb of Protection feels bad to spec into. Spash of light only affects your immediate group NOT army. (Unless that’s been stealth changed and I’m not aware). Targeted heals feel super clunky. So it largely devolves into dropping beacon and sacred ground and then do w/e until they’re back up.

It’s worth noting that I feel like single group non-pvp healing feels great. I enjoy Life Staff/Void Gauntlet in Genesis/Lazarus/Arena play. So I’m saying specifically world and army content healing feels clunky.

66+ Elite Content

Going through the first time was fun. Seeing a new area. Going through all the houses looking for all the little chests. Having a group on chat and just having a good time. But it’s not that ‘fresh 60’ experience anymore, and I feel like is the biggest thing that needs to change. Most people will only zerg the content these days. Even with a good group you’re usually only getting the big chests. With expertise gains from chests destroyed I imagine it’s even further devolved into the most optimized gypsum loops.

In 600+ hours no one in my company has ever gotten interesting loot doing 66+ elite content together. I’ve never seen for anyone an Orichalcum Chest drop while I’ve been running with them (or for myself). These things are just too rare. There isn’t enough interesting / valuable non-gear loot.

You can take an hour just to slowly go through one area. That hour needs to feel more engaging. All the content in the area needs to feel worth engaging in. Below are a few thoughts of mine.

  • These could be 10 player instanced areas. I’m not really seeing in today’s world why they need to be open world.
  • Small chests need a chance to drop interesting loot to encourage a full rotation not just a large chest zerg.
  • Bosses / Mini-bosses could use a content sweep. Don’t think I’ve seen any of the new commander/knight items yet. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but why add something that isn’t dropping for folks enough to be a visible addition? A lot of enemies like Disciple of Disorder are still broken.
  • Alchemy/Provision chests likely need an update loop to be worth going for.
  • Make it impossible to die from NPC effects. Specifically getting double tapped by a priest mine in Myrk is about the worst feeling. It’s one thing if it were a true dungeon without respawns, but out in the world it just feels bad. And is the leading cause of idiots training commanders and other boss monsters into teams.

Non-Gathering Luck

I’m neurologically diverse. Luck causes me a ton of stress, because I feel that

  • I can’t trust it
  • I need it at some secret amount to maximize my game play loop

It’s a terrible terrible mechanic. In the best of worlds you’re just making it literally required on every piece of gear. The only reason a lot of people have dialed back how much luck they are running is because no one trusts it.

I agonize over if my amulet is giving negative luck. If my death set my luck to 0. If my pearls are over writing my gear luck.

If you insist on luck existing we need

  • Total luck as a stat to show in game
  • A log file generated showing every luck roll including the roll, the +luck, and the bucket hit so that we as a community can help you debug this monster. In game sure, keep immersion. But these are the type of details that need to be visible so the community can build trust in your systems.

PvP, PvP Luck and PvP Rewards

A sub-note of the above. PvP luck is terrible. It makes me feel like I HAVE to flag to enjoy the game.

But I also realize there are no real PvP rewards. So I feel bad fighting anyone else that is flagged (because I can’t know if they’re only flagged for luck). And I feel bad getting attacked while flagged, because why would you bother if not to specifically make my day worse.

World PvP is not fun or engaging right now. There are too many imbalances. There is no reward for participating. And because most PvP seems to be happening around elite or AI heavy areas, the loss for death can be big.

Arena and Dungeons

Named loot from these are only jewelry and weapons. These slots have been the hardest to max out for players. You can only get 600 variants if you are maxed out. As a player I feel like I should hoard my keys until I am max expertise, because they are in limited quantities.

Please note. Personally, I have keys. I have about 8 Genesis and 3 Lazarus keys. As well as a number of Arena Keys. But psychologically I feel like I shouldn’t use them if I can’t get a 600 variant of the items. My jewelry is goodness knows how long from 600 (all around 510). My weapons are mostly 575-585 with a few 590s at least.

I haven’t failed any of these except for when I first got the Siren quest and went in like the first week of October with fresh 60’s. I felt really really bad that I lost my key. And I hadn’t maxed stonecutting yet and couldn’t make a new one. It was a terrible feeling. Related, I know at this point I can make keys pretty easily. But I’ve also played a ton. For fresh 60’s you are creating a severe gate for them. And they shouldn’t even enter because they can’t get anything but Gypsum from them anyway. So they’re really only likely to have their keys exploited by other players.

You’re making me feel bad about engaging with your prime group content. That’s on you. Here are some ideas.

  • Any item that drops from an area that requires consumable keys could always drop 590-600. (or even at 600). Since you’re going to have them scale to expertise anyway this seems reasonable to me.
  • You could fix the danged mangled heights item for Genesis keys.
  • You could allow us to craft the one time use key, but also a master key that would give permanent access. It could even require items from the expedition/arena in question.
  • You could add special non-watermark items that players would want. A few crafting items already exist, but you ruined those by having them STILL bugged in the trade houses after 3 months. You should go farther. Maybe special versions of the Orichalcum chest could drop from them. Or other furniture items.

As far as content goes. I actually like the instanced content. It’s great. It’s a shame in my brain I feel like I shouldn’t be doing these unless I have a static group rotating keys in an optimal fashion.

Epic Weapons

Kinda fun the first few I did. Got old really fast as the weapons are largely useless. I liked that they had me travel back to lower areas and help lowbies.

Would be great to see 600 variants, jewelry, and armor that take you through all the content in the game. But the result would be really really good gear for 50+ hours of investment.


Just an azoth re-fill or key farm. These are tuned at 65 portals to be zerg only. Due to this they feel terrible. They also have no variety.

Lost, Ancient, and Angry earth portals would be great. Better rewards would be great.

I don’t mind doing these. It’s about 30 minutes to completely refill my azoth. They just feel like they add nothing to the game.

As an aside I hate when these clog up an area and reduce vision of your beautiful game. I’m not sure while these need a mile wide fog effect around them. You can’t get rewards unless you’re right in the area anyway.

Trophy items and chest loot

Yea I’m not doing hour long rotations for eight hours at a time to hunt for furniture and trophy items. These is terrible. Figure out a better way to distribute your loot.

General Farming

I don’t feel like I can realistically farm non-named gear or items out in the world. I’ve never seen an orichalcum chest I so covet or even one of those cursed/marble already made chests. I’ve never had any luck in any of the crafting gear farms where only a single elite drops them. I’ve not gotten a single legendary drop that I’d actually use.

The right way to play the game feels like trying to farm excessive amounts of money and buy what you need.


I enjoyed leveling. I feel like there is a right amount of content. I feel like anyone on the really slow end of things could enjoy this game for about 100 hours before starting to run into some of my noted problems. That’s a testament to some of your good ideas.

Though now they could be running into some issues finding folks for elite and group content on the lower end of things. Guardian especially at the end of the main story is terrible.


I hate dailies. Especially when I popped a cast and got +2 expertise. Feels bad man.

Why did you feel a need to make +expertise random? Just make it +4 expertise, cap it at 600, and call it a day. That’s 25 bumps to max. 5 gear, 3 jewelry, and 2 weapons. Even making 5 casts a day (A ton of content) that’s 50 days to max expertise.

Your average player is likely going to take longer than that. And until they max they won’t even have a shot at 600 iLv world drops (that are basically non-existent anyway) or named loot drops at 600. So realistically a fresh 60 today that isn’t grinding 5 gypsum a night may be 100+ days from getting their first Genesis/Lazarus legendary. That’s crazy.

Hope some of this is at least a little helpful. I know it’s long winded, but hopefully the block quotes help.

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