Why I'm quitting - feedback for devs

I loved this game top to bottom. Recently my server has died. They devs have repeatedly stated they have no more merges coming any time soon. The past week I have not been able to join an Outpost Rush game for over a week. My company waited to transfer and finally decided to make the move. We scouted out several servers and played on them, and found the one that we thought would be best for us. So it was decided.

While we were transferring, the server all of a sudden became locked. There was no warning about this lock happening, just appeared when the next person was transferring.

This has completely split up my company. The people who are stuck in the new server don’t feel like playing without us and the rest who are locked out LITERALLY cannot play the game due to low player population.

I came to the forums here for a couple of days asking for much needed help. I saw they helped players who transferred to Midgard and were stuck without their company. Supposedly only Midgard players are cared about from Amazon, because I have been told they said screw everyone else.

This is a community driven game, now my community is gone, I will not be playing this game.

I stuck around through a lot of the tough points. I’ve put 45 DAYS of ingame time into New World. Sad to say goodbye, but I was forced out with no other choice.

I would love to continue playing this game but the lack of passion from customer service and developers, especially for players hanging on by a thread, is very disheartening.

Hopefully this isn’t goodbye, but I was shown by amazon I am not worthy of continuing my Adventures. Farewell.


I just want to add a little more context - about half of the people that successfully transferred do not have an extra transfer token. They are completely stuck there and we are left on a dead server. If we transfer to another server we will still be completely separated.

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I was never able to join my compagny back after the first round of token (i had 2 level 60 and my alt was in the cluster we were moving so i needed the second token… that we had 5 month later)

They are clueless about customer service

I’m in the same boat. Due to transfers suddenly becoming disabled, I’m now separated from 2 of my IRL pals. We’re weighing whether we should just play separately, or quit New World in favor of a different game where we can play together as a group. These transfer locks are just like when we created characters and got spawned in at different beaches and had to play separately until we were high enough level to journey to each other to link up. I don’t think I’ve ever played another game that was as “anti-play-with-your-friends” as New World.

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Definitely sucks. I’m split from my step brother. I can’t even play this game with my family anymore… Kills all drive I have to play this game. I don’t see how this isn’t a bigger issue to the customer support team. There is an issue with the game preventing me from playing with my family members. There needs to be something done. There are 30k players at max vs 900k vs launch. I don’t see why they can’t put a little more attention on the remaining 30k players they have.

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