WHY Influence system wasn't reworked yet? 2h of REPETITIVE QUEST to play a 30 min war


How can this thing still be around after 1 year of people complaining about it? NO ONE likes to push influence, why is it so hard to develop anything more user friendly?

We just finished to push Ebonscale and DEAR LORD, everyone is pissed, almost 80% just logged out and doesn’t want even to think about logging in today.


Fighting in forts is way more fun. Duration of fort hold should push influence points, not running-simulator quests.

I can’t believe this is still a thing either. Such an unfun mechanic that is still in the game since release and still no viable alternative to affect influence in territory.


Yup. No one in their right mind wants to run back and fort on a continuous loop, even if there is pvp involved along the way. 99% of quests/objectives in this game are completely redundant and pointless.


Yay im glad to see non-shills making sense in these forums… New world needs to change or its gonna die …Again!


@Aenwyn and @Gamerman

Example of what I posted about - people actually confused on why their feedback on the unanimously bad faction missions hasn’t been reflected in changes yet.

Do the devs have a response here? It would be nice to know that you guys are reading these threads, yes, but at this point a “we are aware of this” isn’t what people want. They want to know what is going to happen.

Lots of people have been posting about hating this for a year. There isn’t anyone saying they love it and need faction missions to stay this way. So what is going to happen and when?


We’re aware of this but our boss told us to work on autouse potions, mounts, and cash shop outfits. Oh and the rest of us are working on ags’s new game, bc new world is no longer profitable enough


lol and watch that get deleted and the thread get tossed with zero notification again. CMs have been trying their best not to work since like late 2021. Honestly embarasing AGS lets them do such a bad job publicly.

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LOL they deleted like 3 of my posts today and didnt say why


I’m not even some pro work libertarian type - just genuinely amazed people are quiet quitting in a public facing job where the deliverables are in writing.

Like…hey where are the posts? Don’t CMs post usually? XD

The dev’s did finally address the poor system for conflict pushing in one of their recent dev videos. They said they’re looking at a multi-point control system instead for each zone with timer’s for when invaders/defenders can zerg ball over the points for conflict and do away with the current jog-a-thon low effort system that we all despise. I want to say they were hoping to get it out to us by March if not sooner but I don’t remember exactly.

I think it was a dev video or two ago they said they are reworking it. But its been insanely long of the same tired crap. They did a “minor” fix a few times to the missions but it honestly hasn’t felt any different from the beta phase.

ah push it.

push it real good!

LOL do you not understand that the other faction might be pushing back your influence gain?
That’s OWPVP action! Go out there and beat them up!
Do you realize that the faction quests in the overland are primarily to get people to walk around flagged so that there is a chance of OWPVP action?

All you OWPvP people are laughable. When there’s action, you don’t want it. Then you all complain that not enough people are flagged. AGS is already trying to keep people flagged long enough for you to gank them. E.g., With hours of influence pushing while they are flagged for PvP.

As for how long it takes to get a war going, if PvPers were actually doing faction quests contributing, maybe it would go faster? But no. Instead they beg AGS for a luck buff to gathering and are out there collecting anything other than what the faction quest is asking for.

AGS, just delete OWPvP already. Even PvPers don’t actually want to PvP in open world.

What game are you playing?


This is an interesting idea. Imo, just doing like 10 minutos of quests would trigger “unrest” and during that period holding the fort for long enough would make the territory go into war.

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That :pinched_fingers:

This would create a point of interest mechanic which OWPvP currently lacks severly.

Fuck those jogging exercises.


GrailQuest is the PvE guy who is always trolling every PvP related topic with some useless dribble. Always out of his depth, always stepping in sh*t. Not worth engaging with his posts every in these threads.


Agreed, this would be awesome.

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You forget to mention that the way influence push works it actively discourages pvp. You do all your quests and if you die they restart. Which is generally decent for defenders, it encourages avoiding people in open world or running with a large enough herd such that you act more like a heard of zebras getting from point a to point b and not caring if a few of the slow and diseased get picked off by the predators.


Yeah, that’s also another thing, who would want to fight while trying to delivery the quests.