WHY Influence system wasn't reworked yet? 2h of REPETITIVE QUEST to play a 30 min war

Jogging is the worst part of it, agreed.

imagine the meeting when they first came up with this.

“Ok so hear me out, we give them pvp missions where they run across the map to pickup boxes and stand still for 1:30! People LOVE running around, it’s super engaging!”


I agree with it needing a rework but honestly my guess is you dont enjoy it because your company is either getting rolled by defending faction or its the other way around (no one defending).
When its a competitive push, its really fun to play. but unfortunately developers need to stop trusting that players will play a certain way.

Doing 2 PvP quests gives 1-2%, if have fort for bonus influence. If u do it with 50 players that participate in war, should take maximum 2 full runs.
2 runs of 2 quests each should not take more than 30 min in the most cases, except Morningdale or Weaver Fen.

Now if u are doing Influence Push with 5-10 guys, ofc it gonna take hours.

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Because they are working on something really awesome and not just a slight tweak like most changes so far?


50 ppl doing quests for 2 hours in Ebonscale.

Maximum 2 full runs, ROFL.

No it’s not fun because both sides (attackers and defenders) WANT to engage in war. We LOVE open PvP, but for us it’s different things, we don’t want to fight open PvP if both sides want to War, that’s the problem.

Count ur members when doing push. And if u are 50 members and takes u 2 hours, then this is why u keep lose wars. :slight_smile:

Yup, been playing on Artorius FSS and haven’t lost WW since launch, we’re so bad.


Yea im posting this for few months now.
Forts should be main if not only source to generate influence. You capture it, you lock it for 1-2h - and it does generate infuence for you. When it does reopen - we have some nice mass pvp on open world and winer takes it.

Later we can add more building that will do the same. Geenrate infuence for owner and give a reason to player base to come and fight for it on mass open world pvp.


Yes, this would be awesome as well!

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So my last reply was removed / flagged for praising a game that isn’t New World. Thanks whoever did that.

Don’t complain about the systems AGS has in place. They won’t change it. It’s been a year and the faction system is stagnant as ever.

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