Why is AGS not taking advantage of june...?

hahaha :neutral_face:

They said its coming soon, probably this week. You may not realize this but they are probably still working on it to have a playable ptr without bugs everywhere

  1. bugs are expected in ptr.
  2. the day i see a bugless ptr is the day ill touch grass lol

gona be no one left to test the ptr

Nah you’re being dumb.

Betting Dead Horse Gif


it’s too late now. the knots come to a head. the game is dead … the servers are empty … what they deserve after the nefarious development and fix.

okay einstein

It is hopeless, I feel like everyday i open a new box of my christmas calendar when i check steamchart. But well no chocolate in it :’(

SoonTM :eyes:




I came here to see your gif and I am not disappointed.

You cheeky–!! You can’t just steal that from Blizzard, Soon™ is when HotS is getting updated!!!

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon patch notes ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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!!! Today?! Lol I’m sure you guys hate me by now. Blackxp has got a wee bit too much hype for this forum lol.

Whats your IGN btw? You seem very familiar… there’s a guy with the same name in El Dorado.

Cant wait!

They’re already up! Check out the PTR forum category for the deets.

I didnt even notice the PTR section was back lol. Thanks!

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