Why is AGS so hesitant to change the AWFUL way wars are handled?

Wow… thick as ever with the bias trolls.

The point is, this is not the worse nor is it the only, but your trolls swear it is the worse of this generation or anything before it. This team has been doing more positive than any of you bias campaigners want to admit. Especially compared to the pace of other publisher/developers when it comes to fixes/content for a live service.

And yes, they do listen. But due to how things work in reality, priorities do not always mean quick fix or working on it right away. But you lot assume that it can be or should be fixed right away without question or understanding how to approach it at a developer level.

Enjoy your own created misery. You will always go in a vicious circle of conspiracies when you are constantly bias.

do you even know what bias is? - why are u using it in the wrong context? - your not even being relevant to the subject.

Wars and territory control / ownership are the “selling point” of NW. I think they are worried the game will be even less special without them.

Most of this game, as it stands, is begging for a completely different server structure (more mega server stuff would benefit it with its dwindling population and end game being almost all instanced at this point) … but too much code / design went into their small but healthy (nope) server structure for the economy and warfare.

I think they either needs to revamp the open world or revamp the server structure … with big BOLD changes … or perish.

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Solution is, change territory wars from faction to company and add war exhaustion. After participation in battle your character shudn’t be allowed to join next fight in next 24 or even 48h.

They kinda have too - the fact that they cant split character data and other world data from the server suggests this → i don’t understand why they made it integrated into the (world servers) that they would have a nightmarish time when doing cross server tech… But it could also be that lumber is just crap at server config, they should have just bit the bullet and used UE4 and could have squeezed 5 out later as a easy upgrade.

My words pertain to the subject. Especially to what the titles gripes about.

WHy is this spam continuing on and not confined into primary subjects? Less people come to the forums due to this BS and spam. Hard to filter through the serious issues when they read this spammed topic. They have acknowledged the flaws of this system in Alpha. It was presented to them publicly in Preview as well. But until they have a good solution, do not expect a half-ass response that can be a risky comment. We have seen how that goes with the public (MTX leak in Alpha phase and misinformation about how reports were processed are examples).

It has been acknowledged, yet everyone ignores that fact and still creates threads that seem to ignore the truth. Why? It has not been fixed yet… Good job.


People are tired of waiting with AGS. They just expect MMORPGs to be handled by teams with a bit more, I don’t know, general wherewithal.

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I personally think they are so scared about the pvp companies quitting the game if they try to modify town ownership and they’re excessively lucrative gold generation. Just look at the outcry when little things are changed like duel stats or 40 person wars. If they change how much money these super companies are making, even though it may be what is best for the game, these companies are going to throw a fit…


This is probably a solid guess to many of the game’s holdups. Drastic movements might shake their income-generating users out of the tree, and they’re probably kinda counting on those guys for the money.


If that is true, they needs to just gamble with the risk. Changing the system and seeing these “skillful” companies leave would make the masses happy.

For me, I think they are waiting till after Autumn Map is over before the reveal on new settlement and company system. Possibly for part of the next 3 seasons of roadmap (Roadmap 2?). So they can receive data about the hype of a changes and see what correlates with what they want to do.

As I said, they do things in phases and you can see that. So far many things that has been happening has been in pace with primary requests in relation to delay of release response. My review on steam shows this (posted it close to release) and it has been spot on with patterns I noticed all the way up to this season. Even my past posts here talk about how things work and has been spot on with when things will roll out.

Things will happen, but in time. RN this team is at the age of its first few steps just after learning to crawl. Live service is fickle. That has always been the case. Even more so for MMORPG genre and it’s audience.


I just realized what could happen… small % chance, but upon PTR announcement of Brimstone Sands (BS?), begin testing/announcing a new settlement and territory claim system with the release of the new map. Maybe it is the reason why they delayed the map and changes to Wars and settlements? They need to do more than hand out a new map and they know it.

And you cannot tell me they would announce this big of a change, so this is not even plausible. They have a disclaimer at the bottom of their roadmap, and we all know they do not tell us everything they plan in upcoming monthly updates.

We need a team of healers to help someone breach the barrier and see what we can discover out there lol. Maybe find Snake Mountain in the process. 50 healers do?

Stop with the elitist, others players want to be in wars too, i agree with only faction but not only company !


Wars are exclusive because the benefits of territory ownership are very high. Gearing in this game is primarily done through crafting, which is exceedingly expensive. The fact the town ownership generates significant gold profits allows people to gear up. Additionally wars are rather rare events, in terms of overall % of time people can actually play them. This drives company’s to own territory so they can amass profits and gear up as well as have reliable competitive or semi-competitive pvp.

If they are going to change the whole territory ownership, pushing influence and war mechanics (which I think they should), they need to do two things with that change.

  1. They need to rebalance the relationship between gear and money.

  2. They need to add a highly competitive guild vs guild mode/ladder system that allows companies to further progress their company in a competitive environment. You could add in some open world
    Benefits to the top companies, maybe having a company hall in towns for achieving specific things?

If they did both the above I’d love to see them revamp territory pushing/wars to be faction based with wars (or call them fort sieges) happening along side overall territory battles. When people contest territory pushes it’s some of the best pvp in this game.

Along with this I’d love camps to be faction based and you can only bind to camps built by your own faction and make them destructible.

Why do you need to own the city?

  • plenty of games in the past where the whole faction controls a zone and resources

They could have made it based on what the collective faction voted for and made it a factional event for the zone and this would have given more life to the faction and not just another color

  • why alienate all the other players including those on your side just so a few can become instant millionaires?

  • Why give any player the ability to troll taxes or hold tables hostage (this happens on low population or new servers)

The current system gives too much power and wealth, not seeing how it helps the economy if only 50 sit on that wealth.


More people would be able to participate in wars if it were only company sign ups.

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This right here is why AGS need to change the current system. This elitist standpoint of “I’m the best and everyone else is beneath me” is one of the reason this game can’t thrive. I don’t blame you though, I blame AGS for designing the system like this in the first place.

AGS… you should have designed the WAR system to be enjoyable and accessible for the majority by encouraging strength and unity within the factions.

A whole faction should have the chance to take part in a WAR… not just elitist and/or self-serving companies.

The faction system right now feels pointless. I feel no sense of kinship or loyalty to my faction. We don’t fight as one because of AGS designed the game to appeal to self-serving companies.


its designed for the opposite heavy competition between enemy faction and your own if you are trying to deck wars. with the 10% cap on influence.

you might have some small ally groups to work with but thats about it.

its a free for all with extra steps

Yup, I was surprised they didn’t take a hint from Archage with its zone war system (granted its for only 2 factions) either member of a faction could take part and the reward was the control in favor of the other faction - it didn’t give gold to the players but it did mean it was riskier being in the zone as a non x faction if y had control.

  • every time it would flip to war status, all would rush for the open world pvp.
  • As much as i love/hate AA it had some of the best world interaction systems so far (trade runs)

This is just an example of how the system could have been and not the economy destroying one we have now that’s open to abuse easily.

Side note: why didn’t they look at gw2 war system either for the RvRvR?






The majority of players shouldn’t exist to be in servitude to an elitist minority. We should all get the chance to be involved in fighting for our territories.

The whole faction should feel as if they have the opportunity to get involved. That feeling of involvement and inclusivity would build faction loyalty and kinship.

Right now… honestly… the only thing I feel about my faction is that they are slightly less irritating than the other two.


You literally missed the point. If this game continues to cater for a minority of elitist companies then frankly it deserves to die.