Why is blunder buss so bad?

Why it hit like a wet noodly? buff asap

What gear score is your BB?


Dont break her heart too much.

She’ll realize her blunderbuss is only 500gs lol.

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590 its trash

Lemme guess u dont have orichalcum cartridges equipped


i do, talking about pvp btw

Don’t know what to tell you then lol

Oh, have you used projectile weapons before?
In PvP?

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Your blunderbuss is 590 expertise?
And you are using oric ammo? And have good perks besids enchanted…?

May we see a photo of your blunder equipped?

Blunder hits like a bus in opr pvp.

All you have to do is dodge and shoot close range. You can even rmb to lockin For a better aimed shot for more headshots.

So either you skimping information or giving half the story here.

Im also 3k phys as a tank telling you it can actually hit hard. So uh. Yeah.


such cap

bow s a noodle to

Maybe is not the weapon trash maybe the trash is something else.

Did you ever stop to think is the problem is somewhere else instead to blame others work?

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Share a pic of your weapon. What’s your Stat look like and armor? Sounds like a problem with your gear

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How he can have 590 expertise if they added blunderbass yesterday ?

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It is most likely your skill that is trash. If you suck at using it, use something else.


She is BSing

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Craft yourself.

Mine is 600


only got one question, do you normally play str based melee? ranged weapons don’t do near the dmg a melee weapon does.

crafted it