Why is Ceryneia still down?

does anyone know why Ceryneia is the only world that is down?


I just posted this same question XD

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would love to hear from a dev or something…

been watching the forums for 30 mins trying to figure this out…

talking to a dev now gimmie a few

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no eta giving by team currently

At least they know… so is it Isolated to a few people or is the whole server slowly going down?

whole world

I was on before it went down and a lot of people were saying in chat that they were getting “lag detected” messages. That might have something to do with it though.

i just wanna play mah vidya gaem


yeah I got the “lag detected” thing too and tried rejoining. guessing that’s just how you lose connection to the server when they take it down for maintenance. kind of annoying that its literally just us across the whole game and support wasn’t that forthcoming about what is going on

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I wanna at least get an ETA bruh


anything would be nice

I want to know too! It’s my day off :pleading_face:

after waiting for like an hour at “estimated time: 5 minutes” I got this

It’s 09:55 currently, so it looks like they’re going to be restarting it soon?

The maintenance message is gone and I as able to log in. Fingers crossed you blokes can as well.

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