Why is FS and IG getting nerfed when only 3% have level 20?

Now on the other hand we have the good old Hatchet, I think everyone knows why its so high;

Moving along to the next weapon we have the greataxe, which I believe is getting a buff?

And finally to top it off we have the light staff, which is pretty good in PvP.

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cos uh reasons?

They’re nerfing the bow when even less people have max leveled it

what these percents proves lol what did u wanted to tell

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Updated the post, to include hatchet, greataxe and lifestaff for comparison.

Not having mastery lvl 20 means not playing IG/FS? :smiley: You can easily play mage at masteries 15.

Can we stop thinking that patches on ptr already reached live servers? Also IG definitely needed a nerf and there’s no way around it the question is will those changes reach live servers? Probably not all of them especially if you look at how broken void gauntlet is.


Because this game is a joke.

What is this post about? 3% of a million is like 30000 people. Not to mention no one needs to be level 20 to use the weapons, and I think that 80% players use different primary weapons and at least 50 % leaves games after few hours, so those should not count. So 3% at level 20 weapon mastery means that quite a lot of people actually got there.

Strong, sure. Broken? Nowhere near it.

it didnt need nerfs, it needed fixes. i dont even mind if they let the bug that you can simply jump out of ice shower in. 99% of the players in this game dont have enough braincells to operate more than LMB anyway. it would have been nice if they fixed heavy freeze to actually reliably work more than 50% of the time tho. instead they made it completely unusable. thats one way to solve the issue i guess…

and more than twice that many have reached lvl 20 on GA which actually doesnt need a whole lot of points to be good while IG pretty much needs to be maxed to be effective…

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It is literally broken. Haven’t you seen the 30k damage?

then move on
Dont like it ? play something you like

What reasons? They just posted the nerfs etc without any explanation.

it was sarcasm. i thought that was obvious

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