Why is it not possible to make a VG with blessed?

So i have a build in my mind and i whanted to prey to the RNG goods for a VG with Blessed and vicious but to my disapointment it is not possible to make a VG with blessed.

Why is that? VG is one out of 2 weapons that can heal firendlys and it scales out of focus.

In my eyes this only hurts build diversity and i really hope you add this soon since i cant really see a hughe problem haveing blessed on a VG over keen or any other weapon perks.

Can blessed be rolled on the weapon or is it just plain imposible to make this?

As a VG/LS main. Even I would consider that broken.

Care to explain why combinding that perk is more broken then combining other perks?

I was planing to go VG/hatchet btw.

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Even though it would be a great use for other weapons with healing passives, in the hands of lifestaff users would just get close to their pre-nerf level of healing and the player count will just keep sinking from frustration.

I dont agree on that but i guess you have a valid point even if i dont agree with it. Make it so that blessed dont stack then. So those of us who dont plan to play LS/VG also have the opertunity to have blessed.

As blessed would be in the weapon, it wouldnt Stack anyway with blessed from LS or am i mistaken by my thoughts that only active weapons contribute their perks?

If stacking Blessed is the reason some weapons cant have blessed then make it so that perk dont stack. I dont think that is a issue since there is plenty of perks that dont stack in this game.

If I use my VG and it has bless then I follow it up with my LS. Ik for a fact that bit of extra healing will go a long way. TBH tho Idk what the hatchet’s abilities and passives are cause I’ve never used it but if it has healing passives or weapon abilities, they could simply buff the heal % if needed.
However people seem to hold up well enough in expeditions with their own convert dmg > heal type stuff so that might be an unnecessary change.

Yes, the extra healing would go a long way and it would most likely do little for hatchet and its ability.

I just whent into Decay in the VG and i personally like it more then the left side, but i also like the healing part of the weapon and whant to build on that. Thats why i whanted to make a VG with blessed.

The most important thing in games for me are build diversity. If a game have few meta builds i tend to get burnt out quickly. Outriders was one game like that, i know its a completly diferent game but when you can play the way you prefere/like then its often easyer just to stop playing.

And im not talking about creating a super duper build that do bether then all, im more into hybrid build that can do more then one thing. If i get outhealed by a LS that is quit ok but i would like to build my build and not have the game say you are not “allowed”

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I feel you. Maybe a VG can have blessed on it. I don’t know if it does either.
Maybe this?

The problem is that this item can only be crafted with LS and not other weapons. I have 4 of this items but it dont show up when i try to make a VG.

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