Why is melee so hard?

Ive played great axe and ice gauntlet combo for over 6 months now…

Ill explain a very basic chase scenario.

You chase an opponent. You get on their heels with bloodlust. You basic swing to bait a dodge from them and they dodge. Soon as they dodge you throw grav well and they get rooted. You run up and put them in ice shower before root ends and switch back to g axe. You combo them down and the g well blows up and they die in an instant.

Thats how it use to be.

Now its when you throw that perfectly timed g well. They just dodge right out of it before you can place down the ice shower. And even if u land ice shower. They dodge out of that before yu can finish the combo…

Its impossible to “box” someone with great axe because the hit registration is non-existant and the wep is too slow. Everyone dodges ur hits…

Will anything be done to amend the great axe since the root is now basically gone… without locking someone down. You cant hit them with the current state of the wrapon.


State of combat in NW: Cry on the forums = weapon gets Nerf 10 times harder that it needs to be.


Safety nets catering to the bottom tier of players ruining skill requirements for doing anything.

This game is comp and gear vs comp and gear.

20 baddies with the right comp will stomp 20 top PvPers with a bad comp.

Healers are the absolute number 1 impactful position in the entirety of New World. They still want buffs.

They’ll probably get it. DPS hit like noodles, healers can heal 11k in one spell, but wait, they gotta have 1 second to cast it. It needs buffed again…

The community is ruining New World.

I think right now is the best it’s ever felt with cheese to a minimum and stamina Nerf making healers conceivably killable. Still very difficult but it’s actually do-able.


Because the meele in this game has one of the worst homing I’ve ever seen. If the player doesn’t have a latency close to 0 it’s the same thing as missing every hit.


If complaining about nerfs is the same as…

…then sure. Otherwise, not so much.

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Have you ever thought that this was a bit much?

Also have you heard of our lord and savior, reap?


But I’m not complaining. Stating opinions.

Good things there’s no DR on pulls. :wink:

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And I didn’t say you were. You said healers were asking for buffs, and I replied that if you think complaining about being nerfed counts as asking for buffs then sure, they’re asking for buffs.

They’re not, of course.


Am I reading this right?
Your complaint is that you are unable to lock someone down into an unavoidable and inescapable one shot combo, and this is a problem?
I must be misunderstanding this here. Please, help me out.


Yip thats how i read it too.

Its the same as BB/IG, the most try-hard noob combo in the game.

“Please stand still so i can hit you with all my attacks”

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True. I see your point. Lemme rephrase it.

They think the recent changes were uncalled for.

  • Heavy Healing healed for 85% of BiS healing while rendering damage to 600 - 900 per hit and retaining 13k health.
  • Medium Healing was really good but more of a niche area for players who didn’t want to run heavy. I do not remember but I think it came out to 93% of BiS Healing.
  • Light Healing could heal someone for 8k every 3 seconds without Intensify or Divine blessing at 625 400 focus and typical buffs including divine ammy bend light and sacred grounds annointed.

DPS cannot do 8k damage every 3 seconds minus burst. Damage Per Second extends to longer than a 3 second window because healers with one ability can heal for 2.7k health per second. Only on a light squishy can the hatchet come to close to matching values on one LS ability.

This isn’t that bad because a healer SHOULD heal for 2x more damage than a DPS can DPS at minimum due to it being a group game. That is what we have now. Healer can heal a lot, that is fine.

You take those numbers and put them on a tank that can already face tank 2/3 DPS due to sheer mitigation, let him heal himself for more than they can do damage. If a healer can heal for 85% BiS and we take a lower number than Actual face value of healing based on one spell pre Nerf and DPS deals an average of 1k damage per second if you add in abilities then a healer can heal through 3 people efficiently and that’s if you take away potions and 2 abilities.

Rend and disease? A healer can stack up to 150% or so buffs on his heals. Plagued is only active under half health and there’s not even 150% worth of different plagued variations to stack and actually diminish healing.

Yes you can get rid of his bonuses but one person can only possibly stack up to 100% with VG hatchet and plagued crits. Rend? Fortify is everywhere in a healers kit. You have to rend up to 60% in order to take down fortify to a face value and equal it.

So now you have one DPS worth of heals IF the DPS stacks most versions of rend and disease just to bring you to a level where it still takes more than one to kill you without CC.

To say the Nerf was uncalled for is atrocious. Maybe they went too far, but to say it was balanced is absolutely mind boggling.


Agre. Developers don’t understand what balance is. They just take information from a forum where hundreds of whiners complain that it is not fair to play for one class in relation to another.

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Combat was designed for sprinting on stamina and stagger on basics. They got rid of those mechanics but changed little else.

Also, op mentions great axe combo without even acknowledging other melee weapons having this hard of a time since launch locking down players to secure a kill.

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As a healer i appreciate the detailed post.

I was actually ok with healing numbers getting nerfed. I dont heal heavy but i sympathize with those having spent time and gold on their builds to now being useless. Give them something to continue team support still but not have such high sustain.

I specifically had an issue with cast time because time to respond and then time to execute can mean life or death for both sides of the war/fight. Not the end of the world but its too slow in even an expedition never mind war.

Stam nerfs affects every class which is really a response to shirking perks and the current rolling meta.

Healers feel impossible to attack because the class has 3 pots, self casts, dodges, riposte, evade and fleche and repeat as sustain tools.

My friends that play GA, i do sympathize not being able to feel impactful but considering the type of damage, the weapon is a clump nuker not a single target DPS like a dex weapon.

GA is not a one size fits all type of weapon but comments come across as it needs to be.

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I do as well. Due to the tax system and crafting system they weren’t just balanced. They were robbed of their bank. The balance in combat was warranted, maybe not as hard as they hit it, but the real pain was their wallet. That, I do sympathize.

That doesn’t mean go on the forums and argue the nerf was shit and everyone is shit and ags is shit and just waaahhh wahhh. Not directed at you btw.

Everything else you said? Agreed. GA is a good weapon. It’s all rounded. It got nerfed what, 6 times? We DPS understand it needed some touch ups. The reaction from healers mostly comes from their wallets and their lack of other options. I get it.

Feels bad. It does. The problem was not the nerf. Again and again people argue about the wrong thing. It’s the economy, the crafting the combat system that’s not right. It’s not the healer, it’s not the DPS, it’s not the lifestaff, it’s the system and the huge amount of work in order to be BiS. Wars are your BiS endgame content. Nobody’s BiS but the elite. Hence, everyone quits. Their endgame content cannot be enjoyed by the whole playerbase. That’s the problem with the system.

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i quit again cause combat is so poor this patch, and tanks/bruisers fell off harder than ever. Had fun playing in light armor for like 2 weeks then just got bored cause all pvp is, is cc chaining unless your using the overtuned bow. dont even get me started on how the rapier can run away forever and is pretty much an immortal button with riposte. tired of chasing people for years on this game. void gauntlet and ice gauntlet are overtuned, flamethrower, im done with it all.


Tanks are now IG/VG. Lmao.



im done, ill be back for great sword.