Why is open world Legendary drop rates so terrible

my problem isnt the amount of legendary thats dropping but the quality of it. Everytime Im getting a legendary from a stockpile or elite chest its the most useless meme tier thing I have ever seen. I usually salvage them they are that useless.

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AGS designed the elite chest run zones to be done by 5 players. They never anticipated that zergs of people would all join up and spam these runs which is why back in November they serious buffed the hp of all the mobs in elite zone areas. They also never anticipated that solo players would find a way to sneak around and loot all the chests with out having to kill a single mob. So they have completely nerfed elite chests into the ground and have made it almost worthless to go so unless you need health pots or craft mods.

Puts best items and essential crafting items in specific areas, then is shocked people farm them. Yeah.

I’ve had one leggo item drop from a chest run, and it was actually good. Not BiS good but refreshing-nimble-duplicating toast ain’t bad at all. Kinda bites it was mixed stat.

You shouldn’t come across a legendary item easily at al…a lot of people here are crying saying oh my god 200 hours played I haven’t seen anything…and you know what? you shouldn’t see them. legendary items are a grind. if you are willing to do the grind then good for you. but you you shouldn’t be crying about not seeing or getting them. especially when you think 200 hours is more then enough to ‘see’ them. They shouldn’t be handed out or dropped like candy.
Look at world of warcraft. there are a few legendary items that take MONTHS to get…of doing the same raid over and over. week after week and you’d still be LUCKY to even see it then you’d have to roll between 25 or so people in ordered to get it even get it.

Keeping legendary named items drop rate low…is how it should be. Don’t want to grind? Don’t get the item

The drops in general are terrible.

To compete in PvP you need a BIS from grinding PvE dungeons. It’s really dumb.

Why are there so many legendary items in the first place. Doesn’t that detract the value of legendary? Not very legendary when nearly a good majority are running around feels more like common items at this point.

When you’ve played the game since day 1 and don’t have any bis gear there might be a problem.

If course it’s my fault for not getting expeditions or being in a company. Both are something it have zero interest in doing.

I know, im one of those who farmed him. I got 30 different drops but still nothing. The droprate is insanely low. I’ve only seen 2 absolute terrors in my life

Bump, I have been boss farming for named items for 2 weeks still 0 BOE legendary drops.

Why’re you expecting legendary drop rates equivalent to dungeons exactly? Chest runs are significantly easier than zerging chest runs and more time consuming, of course you’re going to get better drop rates from the harder content.

Where did I ever say I wanted open-world drop rates to be equivalent to dungeons?

I believe high-level dungeons should have the best drop rates by far but open-world drops are way to low atm.

I have 2 60s with max expertise and i have farmed almost all bop-named items in the game and I can count on my hands how many legendary boe items have dropped during this process.

Also just because a legendary drops does not mean it’s good it has to roll the right armor slot with the right attribute stat and roll 3 good perks.

With 2 good perks and 1 bad perk congrats you got yourself a good Epic.

Im getting quite a few legendary drops from chest runs, or even from stockpile runs in imp. And honestly all of them were trash without exception. The last two I got was insta salvage, some shit like heavy gloves with focus dex and reinforced, and a medium chest with in focus ga perk. Lego drops are completely worthless, trophy matts are the only thing that could worth something.