WHY is Orun still locked? When castle has more online currently

Me and my friends joined Orun to be on the biggest mass server. Now castle has more online than Orun. That means castle should be locked too the right !? Complete BS.

I think as people exhaust their tokens you see a slowing of these massive fluxes of players so perhaps the risk of it leading to insane queues is lower?

By all means, lock castle too. It’s running like a potato and you can’t do anything.


So you’re upset because you instantly jumped to a popular server instead of waiting it out to see how the natives would react?
I’m not surprised they left. No one wants to be stuck in a 3 hour queue except for the players that transferred to Orun.


Yup exactly why we left. Our server was great. We had a solid community, 3v3 tournaments, outfit contests, etc. Then all these people transferred and made even OPR a wait time. Took an hour to log in for a war that literally I stood still in more than half the time. Not fun.


Man I really hate to be that guy. But. Awww…please take them all back to your server. Orun will give them up freely.

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