Why is our server open to transfer?

Vega hit the same population last night as Midgard yet is still open for transfer, why is Midgard locked and Vega not?

Can we get some sort of protection from queues before it gets to 2k and those of us that have been playing for ages get locked out of our server again due to queues, please manage this better AGS!


Server will automatically lock once there’s a ±800 player Queue. Happened same with Barri and Midgard, but atleast Midgard got transfer tokens. On Barri our queue is 1,2K at peak but atleast the server feels alive :smiley:


We get 1700 people at peak time which is more than enough to make the server feel alive, I really dont want to go back to queues because frankly then I just wont bother playing, there isnt enough to make me want to sit through an hour or two of queues to play a game thats this buggy and messy, its okay if I can just login and burn some time with friends.

if we are back to queues then I will honestly go play a different game…

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there are servers with like 100-200 players on peak times

thats what I am saying close ours down maybe you guys get some migrations in, we got enough players or we are going to get queues which then makes our player experience even more rubbish.

We get a game full of bugs and problems and we cant login as well at peak times…

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Yes, totally agree with you EnderXi. Dev stated no more tokens and I can’t actually get on before all the main events start in the evenings now so I just haven’t played last few days. Real shame, I stuck with this game through all the madness from day one and this is how they treat loyal players. By the way, I did not come from Midguard to Barri as part of the gold rush, I used my only token to go to Barri before it was popularised.

Too late now, peak time and 300 in a queue, waiting for 30 min for a game that is still so MEH

Cant be doing that, what a shame they cant read the same community posts and forums that showed Vega was going to be the next target.

Now im sitting on a full server waiting in queue for a game thats pretty much broken due to bad design choices and silly game mechanics with a server thats turned into a total LAG fest everywhere.

Less than ideal gaming experience piled on top of a less than ideal gaming experience.

Feels like they are making the same silly mistakes they did on launch day, not enough servers, not fast enough customer response and overall poor level of customer service and a badly thought through system.

Oh and for other people the total opposite, empty servers with no one to play with, way to go, good planning and great design decisions.

Should have taken a leaf out of WoW playbook, servers can only migrate to a designated empty server so you say server A, B and C can only migrate to server D, Sever E F and G can only migrate to H etc etc.

That way you give people a path to do it but you dont create a situation where one server gets slammed because there are direct paths.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but we’ve just had server merges into Vega, which is what made it look attractive to others. Now with the patch coming soon, inactive players may come back and make the queues even worse. Am sitting in a queue waiting to play while I write this, for the first time since launch. WTB a server transfer token to Midgard, which currently has no queue.

yeah they protected some servers and dropped the ball on others, now we need another free transfer token to get us outta this mess.

My proposal give everyone 5 free transfer tokens ontop of what you gave already then we can go to another server and see if its better and if it isnt we can move again at least.

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