Why is Pellucidar server still down?

Why is this server still down when its saying all the servers are back up??? its now 18.59 GMT and its still down for the 3 hour patch!!! witch as now become a 6 hour one and still down, no information no support nothing, this is the second time now this server as been left till the end, is it because its a low pop server you think screw them there isnt many of them???

Hello, good game and good work everyone.
The Pellucidar server still has not restarted. Please give us details of this inconvenience

'Evening everyone.

Leaving a server down is not a big issue, what is really annoying is that there is no communication on this topic. I would suggest AGS keep in touch with the community when maintenance has to be extended on a particular server for whatever reason.

A little post on the dedicated page of the forum saying : “Hey guys, we didn’t forget you want to play but maintenance on your server has to be extended for X/Y reaon” would be appreciated !

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