Why is the developer corner still silent?

Why is there still nothing when the game probably needs eta the most. We need a lot of information about what’s going to bring color to the game, fix bugs and things to come soon. but the developers still play the game in favor of staying quiet. Please share the information about the recent time now. Our eyes are looking for a big december update, not silence…


What can they say to appease the playerbase?

They know no major fixes are coming before 2022. They’ll throw out a seasonal event (which will probably be bugged or exploitable in some way), wish everyone happy holidays, and come back in 2022 with empty promises.


Dec uodate:
Bug fixes! Continues to ignore feedback regarding to weapon balance. No new content.
Its funny how they think “into the void” is new content when all they did was added ONE new weapon and its 580weapon quests, and introduced more bugs, and randomly adjust numbers on end game farming zones.
Wouldnt get ur hopes up for dec patch. I can tell u gonna be a big let down rn.

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Yea, it’s starting to feel like that.

I mean it’s taken them what, 2 weeks to change a simple number on mote drops from harvesting monster nodes? Talk about embarrassing. Other MMOs would have literally hotfixed that immediately without a patch.

This dev team is incompetent.


I would hope server merges are the priority right now, and whoever is capable should be working on that…

There’s still plenty of fun and enjoyment with the current content for many players, the game has only been out 2 months. Can’t expect a new expansion already to satisfy those who are playing 8+ hours a day.

They’re probably also enjoying a well-deserved rest after the EU trade post debacle, which presumably consumed their Thanksgiving holiday.

You seem to be forgetting Crocodile Pirates…

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they probably realized it’s a lost cause

Last week was a holiday in the US… Although I know your gaming experience is important to you, people’s families during the holidays are more important than you or your game.

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I have about %.03 faith in AGS at this point. There will be fresh start servers or a relaunch, either way, they ruined everything and it’s done.

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They are currently back from a 4 day vacation break with their loving families. Our devs are back at work and are currently in a meeting now with head developer, John Smedley. Smedley is orchestrating a new management team that will help guide New World to a success. I :heart: our dev team so much! Have a blessed Tuesday everyone!

It’s probably pretty tough to post on a message board where practically every post is “you guys suck” instead of actual communication.

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There has been hundreds upon hundreds of posts with good feedback and reasonable suggestions for improvement.

I think there was a huge underestimation on how much work was going to be needed after launch and the level of impatience players nowadays have.

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Cheer up!

Games still fun, nothing ruined really. If people exploit, they are losers.

Case and point. I can buy a full voidbent set on my server for I think around 65k. What’s the point? I prefer to grind my own gear out. That’s the fun part.

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You mean the head dev that plays gaxe and hammer. Yeah, no thank u.

The issue I have is they could have made a post saying that. They really could have.

We don’t even know if their team is made of nationalities that celebrate turkey time. Judging by the way English seems to be a second language for many, and the fact that there’s an entire European playerbase…

They couldn’t take the three minutes to whip out a post?

2 months down and already the communications are non-existent, weekly updates have stopped, major features still disabled or so buggy they arent worth playing. Not likely to improve while the player numbers are going down fast because of everything mentioned above, its almost like they’re trying to kill it off as quickly as possible.

Dont be naive.
New cases of positive feedbacks are from people who recent purchased the game during steam sales.
Honest speaking, my leveling and first impression of the game was great and very positive. But as soon as you reach end game, it is then you start to notice every flaw in the game. And thats what people have been complaning about.
Soon tbose positive feedbacks will eventually turn into negative feedbacks when they realize what a hot mess the game’s state is in rn.
You just wait.

I need to stay off these forums lol. Nothing but doom and gloom. My server is still awesome. Extremely active and always things to do. Game is still fun for me and many others.

Now that most of my melee weps are maxed, going to work on bow/spear combo. Seems like it will be fun!

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Not for nothing but uh, I don’t think “I’m just gonna max all weapons!” is exactly a thrilling wellspring of content for most people…

Like, you gotta remember this is Amazon, not like, some indie dev. They weren’t shooting for a mediocre game that holds less peak players than Runescape, yanno? The doomsayers come from a place of being disappointed with a billion dollar empire.