Why is the developer corner still silent?

especially when you’ve already done this, oh and those legendary weapon missions are some of the worst mmo missions ive ever done.

Why not? It’s a new set of skills and combos each time. It’s actually pretty fun and so are the wep quests once you hit max skill.

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I disagree. I find quite a few of them are in places I’m grinding for WM anyways. The others take me back to elite areas I leveled in or skipped all together.

For the exact same reason you said: what’s fun to people is subjective and you’re trying to tell people grinding out weapon levels for weapons they may not care about. It’s the same with crafting.

That’s why people have been pushing at core content (IE OPR, wars, expeditions and tuning orbs) for changes. And again, doom and gloom should be expected when a company with Amazon’s ‘fuck you’ money is capable of providing such a flawed, lopsided product and such empty, careless customer service.


I can’t argue we should expect more from Amazon, but I take this game for what it is, an unfinished product I enjoy playing and hope that going forward Amazon will release more content or maybe access to end game dungeons easier.

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Simple answer… They don’t give a shit about us as customers. The silence is deafening. Of course the white knights will be spouting from their blow holes how we hound the cm’s and devs too much. In their glorious opinions we should all be giving them atta boys and grateful to them for everything they screw up and slow walk fix. We as customers shouldn’t expect more for our money. Enormous companies like Amazon should just get a pass and a kiss on the cheek when they take a dump in our hand.

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Therein lies the issue, though: why would they finish it when people like you eat it up obediently anyway?

That’s why there’s doom and gloom, too, because this is clearly a disservice to customers but so many of you seem to encourage this practice of an unfinished release.

Like, hell yes we mad.

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In its current state, its a fun game for me and many others. What else can I say? If you don’t enjoy it, then come back when Amazon gets their act together?

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Sorry to burst your bubble. Amazon did NOT close for the holidays. The LAST thing they or any multi-billion dollar US company cares about is employees spending family time together. Also this week is NOT a holiday and there’s still been zero meaningful communication from people with actual information.


Problem is if people like yourself are all they pay attention to they will never “get their act together”. Why would they when all the listen to is fanbois that love it as is?

You’re seriously okay with all the bugs. With literally EVERYTHING just being a copy/paste up the level chain? Major portions of the game just straight up turned off for weeks. The bot population that could easily be 30 or 40% of the population. Land owning companies being able to legally grief everyone else to stuff their own pockets. Major updates intended to add content that are actually nothing but complete fucking nerf fests designed to just arbitrarily make the game longer through all the cut/paste shit?

Come on dude geesh!

Who knows at this point. I’ve been a part of many launches, never have I seen a team willing to complete fuck their end game the way these devs have been willing to do.

Atleast they bent us over with one good patch and it wasn’t this slow regression of moronic decisions…. Oh wait.

I call it like it is. Not over dramatic nor do I expect Amazon to cater to any of us. We hope they take our suggestions to improve the game and we hope they release more content.

Until then I will continue to play the game and have fun, if you aren’t, try something else.

I knew within 20 levels this game was copy and paste, you didn’t?

The bugs are expected

The exploiting has been terrible really and I blame Amazon for most of that.

Company’s acting like Douches is expected.

The only thing that’s not acceptable to me is not being able to search the trading post for gear based on primary stats.

Yeah the trade post thing is complete amateur hour. The wall of meaningless icons to narrow your search instead of a simple drop down menu with an alphabetical list of stats/traits is idiocy. I mean so many things are total amateur hour. Amazon profits billions of dollars annually. There’s no excuse to not employ tier 1 developers and management experienced in AAA gaming development.

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