Why is the mutation 4 not opening

Why is my mutation 4 on genesis not opening up. I ran Mutation 1,2 and 3 with gold rank. I need help please. I do not want to run a mutation 3 again to try and open 4 again. I don’t want to waste an orb considering how hard they are to get

I have relogged the game multiple times. This is a bummer for sure. :frowning:

Hello @Peterslum,

Hope you are doing great! :smiley:

I’m very sorry the level 4 mutation for Garden Genesis is not opening up and completely understand you will not like to re-run the mutation level 3 since is very difficult to obtain the orbs.

First, to be sure, double check you have with you all the requirements for the expedition.

Second, let’s try this steps:

  1. Close the game completely
  2. Force Stops Steam (Exit Steam)
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Verify game files on steam (Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files)
  5. Re-lunch New World

Please let me know if this works, I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Cheers! :wolf:

Thank you for the response so quickly.

I completely logged off game. Shut down steam. Ram as the administrator. I verified integrity of game files. No notifications just said files successfully validated. Then I relaunched game. A anti cheat system popped up. Now I’m at the gate. Still shows the same thing. Mutation 4 is still locked.

I guess people are receiving new orbs. I had to get some personal stuff done. I will head back to the gate with an orb of mine to see if that was an issues. I will get back to you in half hour

Okay so I grouped up with people, I received my two orbs… thank you! But I still cannot open the mutation 4 dungeon. I have all the requirements but the codex. Which is weird because I have obviously completed mutation 3. Errrrrg.

Thanks for all the information provided! :smile:

On this case we will need to raise a ticket for your specific case and the developers take a looks into it.

To do this you will need to contact customer support with this link:

Have ready with you all the relevant information like the one listed below.

In-game name:
Server Name:
Server Region:

Also, the link to this post and the most recent logs, instructions here:

To pull dxdiag logs please:
1-Press Windows Key + R and type: dxdiag and hit ‘Enter’ key
2-Click “Save All Information”
3-Select the file location and save it

Last but not least we will need the game logs so please:
1-Press Windows Key + R and type: %localappdata% and hit ‘Enter’ key
2-Once the folder is open please to: “Local/AGS/New World/ LogBackups”
3-Copy JUST the 3 most recent files

Hope we can fix this quickly! :wolf:

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