Why is their an opr ban?!?

Why is there an OPR ban of 1 hr? Some players like myself will DC mid combat or we will be unable to rez. This causes an exit of the game. Now there is a 1 hour ban timer. My server is a small pop and we get maybe two games a night now i cant participate for the entire OPR. Why always punishing players when you havent even gotten the game figured out yet. This is irritiating fix your damn game and stop punishing the players who are still here.

Tbh its not their fault you have internet from 1998.
I never got and don’t know of anyone who would get disconnected past like a month.


Buy better router maybe whole computer or make you hamsters running faster and longer.

There are so few people willing to do OPR in most severs, it’s so incredibly backwards to slow that down even further… Completely illogical.

wtf does my internet or anything have to do with a stupid rule lmao dumbass. if it booted me for anything it still shouldnt be a hour ban.

Nope it’s completely logical. Because only a few people are interested in opr there is no reason to waste time on opr changes while the game has so many serious problems right now.

The opr ban it’s there to prevent ppl leaving or going AFK.

With the nerf to the losing side rewards ppl just find more conviennt to leave in the early minutes if things turn out for the worst from the start; so that’s the reason for the ban.

It’s impossible to separate a crash from ppl willingly closing the game and ruining other ppl OPR experience.

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You said it!

It’s the logical thing to do. It’ll suck for the minority of people who get unwillingly booted. Such is life.

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Yep, super important to punish people, we don’t want people constantly leaving.

Had my power go out the other day for like 10s and was near the end of my match. I was super pissed when I found out I had to wait an hour to requeue.

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