Why is there 3 patterns for Boots and NO CLEAR DESCRIPTION on what they are

why did you guys find the need to add 3 of EACH item slot patterns for the midsummer event ?

you dont even have sub-text on them like “these are light shoes” “these are heavy gloves”

it ruins the immersion, i have to open up google and hard think about if a sabatoon is a heavy or light peace of armor… why confuse your player base

it should have been 1 pattern for boots and the ability to craft ANY boot you want at the crafting table not grab the right pattern first after you play the guessing game if a sash is a chest item even ???

If you look under the item picture, there is 3 icons: 1 filled is light, 2 filled is medium, 3 filled is heavy.
This has only 1 colored icon, it’s light.


wow only 91 days played and i just learned about this…


still doesn’t help in Trading post as you can only see the name till you select it

That I agree :slight_smile:

Jesus i wish i new this before. i just looked up the name to the pattern on nwdb. ffs.

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