Why is there limited number of dyes in store?

I’m patiently waiting for the only proper red dye, the Blood red dye to appear in the store. I’m willing to spend “real” money on it, yet AGS doesn’t allow me to.


Before the patch we had 5 random dyes in the store that I’ve seen had their “limited time offer” time count resetted at least twice, yesterday with patch we’ve gotten new set of 5 dyes with 30 days time limit of those…
So if I want particular dye, like said Blood red, I have to now wait at least 30 days without any guarantee what set of dyes will be in the shop next.

Why is that, why not put all the “cash-shop dyes” in the shop so players can purchase them at any time?

Why you don’t want my money, @Luxendra ?

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It’s designed to make you rush to spend the money while it’s available. Same as something being “on sale.”

Could you please bring the white dye back?! The dye colors are hideous. Please bring on the designers, especially for females!

There is a another question here … Why we cant dye skins??

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Commonly requested thing to be honest.

Possibly unpopular opinion. Store bought dyes should be permanent and priced higher to compensate.

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