Why is this not a thing?

It just bothers me, why cant I duck under this skill.

That is a very good question @MrMonolitas. I don’t have an answer for you, but I will share your video with the Dev Team.


Cause the tremendous heat radiates above and below the visible burst causing damage?

yet you can roll underneath it just fine =)

To be fair, I never seen such a wasted potential like the crouch and prone in new world. These two moves are completely useless. I dont think I ever used them in any scenario. Even wow had better ideas with by implementing jumping mechanics for dungeons and such.

You can roll past a hammer smashing down on you too. Iframes are an amazingly unreal thing.

I’m more surprised on his average dps with the weapon.

2k hits every 2 seconds? 3k crits? Any other weapon could easily manage 3-4k hits every second (bow,mage,hatchet,ga)

Damn the Musket sucks at PVE, definitely needs that rework.

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Something like this is possible in depths, would be great to see it in more places.

I agreee its stupid ,you should be able to dodge it by crouch / prone if your late on your movement. A musket PVE player , that’s a rare thing gents and lads, don’t come too close!

Why u ask him to dodge ?! Boss skills should not reach him, yet he will complain later for lack of content. xD

This community is so unique in all good and bad ways xD

He meant it that prone make damage but rolling under somehow is fine and you don’t take dmg. He wasn’t saying anything negative. I’m pretty sure that was a sarcastic comment to show how stupid this mechanic works

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This is true. Musket sucks in pve. It’s a shame because it’s a really fun weapon. Really the problem is that this game revolves around aoe burst damage for the most part. Single target weapons always suck for that and don’t really excel enough in single target to make up for it because aoe weapons are close enough.

You misunderstood my meaning. I mean that it’s funny you can roll under and not be touched or even stand dodge into it and not be touched. Yet somehow prone you get chunked.

Yes. You understood :joy:

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